Spirit Encounters

Spirit Encounters
Spirit Encounters

Our loved ones spend so much time with us after they have passed into spirit. Have you ever wondered why your keys keep going missing, or the lights switch on and off?

Your home can also attract or store energy and unwanted spirits. This can happen when there have been traumatic deaths or an imbalance of the land.

Do you or anyone else within your home experience:

• Unusual feelings of being cold for no apparent reason?

• Strange unexplained sounds in the night, music, voices or knocking?

• Feelings of a presence, even when you know you are alone.

• Strange negative feelings, in certain areas of your home, office or business premises?

• The touch of invisible hands?

• Strange odours that have no apparent source?

• Children insisting that there is someone there whom you cannot see.

• Unusual “bad luck”?

• Fearful emotions that are not your own?

• Discord and arguments between people?

• Depressive emotions or loss of energy?

• Bad dreams or nightmares?

• Animals reacting or not wanting to go into a certain area?

• Mists or clouds of smoke forming?

We can assist you in reading your house/property for you and we can do a cleansing for your home/property


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Spirit Encounters