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Metanoia Life Coach & Youth Mentor
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Metanoia means ‘Journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life”

Life coaching is exactly this journey, so I invite you to email me with any issues you would like to address and together we can experience this life transforming journey.  I especially love working with young, female adults!

Other modalities I include in your treatment would be massage, reiki and reflexology.
082 896 4656
Qlife Coaching
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The road of Self-discovery leads to inner Peace! I will take you on a unique journey to the chambers of your soul as your soul is your teacher of self-love!

I work with the logic-mind as to master the mind we need to unlock the gifts of our minds!

I work with the language of the heart as the hearts emotions awaken the miracles within us!

I teach you to trust your soul, as your eternal presence is not bound by space or time!

Your journey at Qlifecoaching is in alignment with your uniqueness and with the desires of your soul!

If you have the willingness and the commitment to hold a new consciousness within your mind-body-heart then Qlifecoaching is an eternal investment!

Your journey can start in person or via skype!
084 779 6734