My Journey by Cher Cohen

My Journey by Cher Cohen

My name is Cheer Cohen and this is my story. I teach and have taught metaphysics for the last 27 years. Having had the ability to see and feel energy from almost birth, I have been able to help people world wide with moving forward in life. Everything that I teach I have experienced on some level. My main subject is teaching you, the person to love and fully accept yourself as a human being. After all, we didn’t come here to be Divine, we are already an extension of a divine energy. We didn’t come here to be ideal, although society dictates that we should. No we came here to be real. Real human beings with our whole range of emotions. I have developed a course entitled New Visions. This course helps you to change your detrimental beliefs about yourself and the world on a sub conscious level. Huge changes occur through doing this transformational course and your belief in yourself grows.

I developed this course because I was stuck in a very abusive marriage. The level of abuse was high verbally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. I left this abusive relationship in 2014 with the aid of metaphysics and practicing the principals of New Visions. The nightmare didn’t end there though. In September 2015, this man who is the father of my 2 year old child kidnapped him with the help of a legal firm sighting fabricated reasons for doing so. He held my then 15 month old baby for a total of 17days. Only when I was able to get a court date, did I get my baby back 50% of the time due to legal collusion from my lawyers and his. I had no idea what lay ahead. I would go through 18 months of hell whilst trying to get primary care back of my child and proving to the courts that I was and am sane. That was not my only challenge. I was also fighting a man who came from a multi millionaire background. His family refused to see his short-comings and threw money at this case like water. My break came when both of us as parents had to undergo extensive psychological evaluations. He, the father of the child was not only found to have bi polar, but it was also discovered that he had five possible mental disorders. I was found to have a tendency. This tendency was seeing the good in man…Sometimes when there isn’t any. It was recommended by the psychologist that the baby be returned to me immediately – his lawyers still fought it. Just recently the family advocates report came out in support of the psychologists findings, but not his recommendations…

I am still on this journey, but through it I have been able to help many people who have found themselves in similar situations. I have learnt that even when you find yourself in a dire situation, it’s important to carry on living, loving and laughing. It’s important to know who you are and what you believe in. What you stand for and will never compromise on. Life goes on no matter what.

Although you may stand back and ask yourself the following question : “How did a person who normally has so much insight not see this coming or what I was in for”. My answer is simple. Sometimes our sight gets blocked so that we can experience the very humanness of a situation. Experience the anguish and the feeling of being or at least feeling like you are trapped. Before this experience, I could not understand how people would not or could not leave an abusive situation. The fact is you become paralysed in fear.

I have a lot more empathy and understanding for people, both men and women, who find themselves in dire situations. They in turn have faith in my ability to help them through it because of my experiences.

I can honestly say without these principals of New Visions, I would not be standing today.

Cher Cohen can be contacted on if you’d like to find out about the courses that she runs.

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