What do I do

Private Sittings / Readings

Connecting with our guides and loved ones in spirit can bring much comfort to us, particularly when we are troubled. Just knowing that we are able to still call on those who have passed to help us with issues that seem insurmountable to us in the physical world, creates a sense of calm and instils renewed confidence in ourselves.

All my private sittings / readings are facilitated by both my guides, Oshavaria and Kevin with whom I feel privileged to work.

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Meditation / Mediumship Classes

I have been teaching meditation / mediumship for more than 10 years. At these classes you are taught how to quieten your mind, connect with your guides and ultimately make connection with your loved ones who have passed on.

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Hands-On Healing

I have just recently been assigned a beautiful new guide by the name of Atrayou.  She is a a beautiful healing guide and together we work to bring you healing whether it be physical or emotional by the laying on of hands and transfer of healing energy from the Source of All Life.  During these healing sessions, I do a mini-reading for you as well which generally relates to information pertinent to your current situation.

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