What do I do

 Private Sittings / Readings / Spiritual Counselling

Connecting with our guides and loved ones in spirit can bring much comfort to us, particularly when we are troubled. Just knowing that we are able to still call on those who have passed to help us with issues that seem insurmountable to us in the physical world, creates a sense of calm and instils renewed confidence in ourselves.

All private sittings / readings are facilitated by both my guides, Oshavaria and Kevin with whom I feel privileged to work.

It is becoming more evident that as our needs evolve, Spirit is encouraging me to work more closely with those who seek me out. My Guides are making it clear to me that counselling sessions are definitely becoming an option, depending on the challenges that you are facing and the help required from Spirit.

If you would like to make a booking to see me, see my contact details below.  First reading / session will be at full price and if any other sessions are required, these will be at a reduced rate.

I do from the Shanthi Sanctuary in Bedfordview, from my home in Edenvale or via Skype.

Reading to Introduce You to Your Spirit Guide

This reading will generally take longer than an hour, depending on you and how much you communicate back to your guides as well.

I will connect with the guides and see who your main guide is. We will ask your guide for feedback as to your life path and how it is that you are in the space you currently are in, with enlightenment as to how to overcome or move away from the negative aspects of your life and understand that your guides are there to help and facilitate your life.

You can bring along five questions specific to your life and together we will communicate with the guides to gain positive input into your questions.

Meditation / Mediumship Classes

I have been teaching meditation / mediumship development for more than 15 years. I have developed a course that runs over 12 weeks, called The Missing Link. Through this course, you are taught every aspect of the basic foundation of mediumship.   Once you have completed the course, you can choose to continue with mediumship development classes which are held once a week.

Hands-On Healing

I have just recently been assigned an amazing new guide by the name of Atrayou.  She is a beautiful healing guide and together we work to bring you healing whether it be physical or emotional by the laying on of hands and transfer of healing energy from the Source of All Life.  During these healing sessions, I do a mini-reading for you as well which generally relates to information pertinent to your current situation.

For further details please contact me glynis@spiritconnection.co.za or call me 082 570 6473