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In June 2020, the World Economic Forum held their 50th meeting entitled The Great Reset.  Convened by the Prince of Wales, the theme was to rebuild society and the economy in a more sustainable way following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whilst I’m not someone who follows these types of events too closely, the theme really caught my eye.  I got to thinking that the only way for us to all move forward is to be part of a ‘great reset.’  We all know that any contribution is better than none.  Meaning that if everyone just does something small within their own limitations and their own ambit, the combined effect can be felt on a global scale.  We were all witness to this when the whole world first went into lockdown at the beginning of 2020.  The results of staying at home were evident for us all to witness.

Life for many of us has changed.  In fact, I think I’m quite accurate when I say that for all of us, life has changed.  We have all most certainly been affected by the change in our economic stability and that of the world around us.  But, my question here is this, what are you doing to create a Great Reset in your Life?

There are many people whose life has changed in that they no longer go into an office to earn a living.  They now find themselves working from their own personal home office, or in some cases, perhaps from their dining room tables or even their kitchen tables!  Couples now find themselves in much closer proximity on a day to day basis, than they used to.  And in some instances, this has resulted in tension and anxiety and perhaps a sense of not having enough private space, or private time.

With all of these outside factors feeding into our personal lives, it’s time to ask ourselves what we can be doing to our own lives, in order to contribute to the lives of others in return.  If we make the decision to hit the reset button on our life, what does that entail?  It begins with great deep and meaningful introspection.  It begins with loving ourselves.  It begins with wanting so much more for ourselves.  It begins with expecting so much more of ourselves.  It begins with expecting so much more from others.

The Seventh Ray has come into power, along with the Age of Aquarius.  So what better time to harness these energies and focus on resetting our lives?  The Seventh Ray is the ray of ceremonial order.  It is demanding of us that we stand up and be recognized.  It is demanding of us that we take ownership of our lives.  It is demanding of us that we don’t fly under the radar, but rather that we make ourselves heard.  It is time to raise our voices and participate in our own lives.  For some, a scary thought indeed!

The guides are encouraging us today, to be part of the Great Reset, no matter what that is within your space.  They are asking that we please no longer just allow things that happen that we disagree with, to go unnoticed.  They are asking that we work together to change the world in which we live, one small step at a time.  They are asking that we focus on the present with conscious awareness.  They are reminding us that as Edmund Burke wrote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  They are reminding us that we are all good ‘men’.  They are telling us that they are with us and they are standing along the road, cheering us all on and encouraging us to be part of the new world that everyone is talking about.  Not a new world where everyone is manipulated and ruled by some evil men, but a world where we all are pulling our load and helping each other forward in a beautiful and positive way.

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