Who am I

10888384_10203115544797598_5120519892888357294_n-2From early childhood, I have always been aware that we are able to communicate with the world of spirit and that the spirit-world exists.  Intuitively, I understood that there is a bigger picture and a greater superior force controlling the universe. Through my life, this understanding has intensified and I now have a much deeper perspective on the laws of the universe and better still, my life’s plan, purpose and meaning.

Through the choice of my path, I have been fortunate to experience the greatness of a challenging yet rewarding life.  I am a very positive person, and always see the glass as half full.  Lessons that have been learned over the years through various experiences, have contributed to strengthening my unfailing belief that nothing is impossible and that absolutely nothing ever happens by chance.  

I know without a shadow of doubt that everything in the universe is exactly as it should be.  I do not question circumstances or events in my life from a victim point of view – I always see the positive learnings to be taken from these circumstances.

It is with this in mind that I counsel those who seek inspiration and direction from me and my guide, Oshvaria.  Oshvaria is the kindest loving soul.  Having been a traditional healer from the Masai Mara in Kenya, she always puts everyone’s wellbeing first, sending out healing and great wisdom accumulated over her many lifetimes on the earth.

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