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We are connected by energy, truth, actuality, and being

It is easy to find ourselves endlessly seeking that which we have already found, but cannot recognise. We experience the sensations of being pulled down a never-ending spiralling tunnel in the belief that the next bend will find us arriving. Our mind plays tricks on us and we continue to be caught up in the belief systems of others that originate from the misconception that we are not good enough and incapable of discovering our own truth.

Our mind has been conditioned from early childhood. The various stages of our lives have been run together like a series of blurred photographs. From infancy to childhood to puberty to young adulthood, middle age, retirement and the golden years, most of us look back and wonder what happened. Where did all the time go? What have we really accomplished? Most of us are probably finding it hard to fall asleep at night because we have so much on our mind. Certain thoughts from the day seem to roll around in our mind for the longest time. One thought leads to another and before we know it, our mind has gone off on a tangent and if left uninterrupted, turns our thoughts into pure fantasy or nonsense. Usually the major culprit of all this unnecessary thinking is worry. We worry, speculate and dream up all sorts of what if scenarios. Other times it is as if we have all the answers to the world’s problems.

We need constant reminding that to worry is futile, to hand over to spirit is to trust and to trust brings relief and a sense of calm in the chaos of life happening around us. To feel insecure and act on our insecurities only sends us into frenzied discomfort and a sense of discontent and disconnect.

Know that we are all courageous humans, taking on the challenge of an earthly existence and that we can rest, secure in the knowledge that we are ever guided, loved unconditionally and never left alone. Our path can be a smooth one if we just learn to let go, understand that the laws that govern the universe are not nearly as complex as we make them out to be and breath in the strength of the Great I Am which is there for the taking, never asking anything in return.

At every turn, there are trials, defeats and successes and all of us are connected by an energy, a truth, an actuality, and a being beyond that which can be grasped in thought and more illuminating than the rational mind can conceive. This intelligent energy connection allows us to define meaning beyond any observable understanding of the physical world. It connects all of us in a subtle elevated way that is determined to penetrate through to our conscious mind.

It is important to understand that the answers we seek will return to us based on the terms of our beliefs. We only need to sense the inherent wisdom and innate potential of our metaphysical being once, to realise there is neither a beginning nor ending to the untapped knowledge base within its depths. The key in crossing the threshold to this inner knowledge base is to temporarily set aside the censoring role of an inflated ego and know that there is no good and evil, right and wrong, black and white – only difference. Once we fully embrace and understand the meaning of difference, it’s so much easier to understand that there is most certainly a much more defined plan and that each one of us has a very specific role in the rolling out of this ever-evolving plan. We will be more inclined to embrace acceptance and tolerance of each other and we will more easily be able to unwrap and unfurl that which has been given to us, to ensure that we work together to reach that place of security and harmony which we all seek.

As we raise our vibrations and6+ level of consciousness, we start to become aware of the fact that nothing happens by chance and that every decision that we make is guided through tapping into a universal consciousness – a consciousness far greater in strength and understanding than that of our own. We begin to understand that the difference between human beings is that what we are today is not what we were yesterday and not what we will be tomorrow.

The most primitive pattern in the realness of our deepest being is our contribution to the overall consciousness of existence. Second is the manifestation of universal consciousness; third is the base of infinite knowledge that is available to any person conscious enough to perceive beyond the limiting framework of physical existence and fourth and the most important pattern both in the realness of our deepest being and throughout all existence, is the subtle non-manifest pure energy pattern and intelligence that has existed since the foundation of the universe. This pure energy pattern and intelligence is animated through a subtle awareness in consciousness and it envelops information into the many levels of consciousness throughout the universe.

By following and applying our own truth to our own well-being, we are slowly transforming our physical consciousness into metaphysical consciousness. Knowing the truth never set anyone free – experiencing the truth is what affects the necessary changes that will set us free. Without first hand direct experience, we will only have someone else’s recycled beliefs or theories. Remember to take whatever you read as valuable, but not infallible. Know that you are your own highest authority and do not place your source of authority outside of yourself. Know that you are capable of raising your consciousness to a level where you can easily tap into the collective consciousness that forces us to focus on the beauty and wonderment that is our universe.

Remember that our idea of the universe is based on our idea of ourselves. When we see the world, what we see is our mind. When we experience the idea of how things are we actually perceive a condensed version of reality that fits our idea of truth, not the truth itself.   Truth is what we are in this moment, without the least trace of the last moment or any expectation of the next moment.

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