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Celebrate the joy of living

Celebrate the Joy of Living

There is a certain magical experience when we see life through the eyes of a toddler.  When a young child sees their first rainbow, their first flower, experiences the delightful taste of chocolate for the first time, what radiant wonderment is seen in their little eyes.  Puddles after a thunderstorm mean so much more to a little child and in the clouds, faces of dragons, bunny-rabbits and great big whales are seen.  Being pushed in a swing can be such fun and incite laughter that bubbles up from the solar plexus and places a smile on everyone’s face, both children and adults alike.

What is it that happens to us and why is it that we lose the ability to look at life as a place of constant surprise and a source of discovery?  Could it be that we are our own worst enemies?  Could it be that we become conscious of ourselves in a way that we feel embarrassment when laughing at the beauty of what we see in the clouds?  Could it be that we don’t want to appear silly when we feel impelled to jump into a puddle of water on the sidewalk?

Of course it is!  And yes, it shouldn’t be!!

And yes, we should all be taking a long hard look at ourselves.  It’s about recognizing the negative environment we create for ourselves, because we are so hard on ourselves, and we place weight on what someone else will think of us.  Shifting our ability to see life in a positive way, take work, but it can be done.

One thing I always encourage people to do to begin this journey to positivity, is to begin recording all the positive things that happen in their life.  So do this :

  1. Buy yourself a small A5 notebook
  2. Keep it next to your bed
  3. Every night, write down 5 positive things that happened to you that day
  4. Every morning, read through all the positive things that have happened to you in the last few days – choose any day as a starting point
  5. Every morning, show your gratitude for all the positive things happening in your life, through saying a really quick prayer of thanks.

It’s a simple exercise, and very easy to try for a few days and then lose momentum.  Try to make it part of your bed routine.  If you, as most of us do, look through facebook before switching off the light, make it your routine that you first write down your five positive things in your notebook, before picking up your phone.

The point of this exercise, which by the way, you can do for the entire year – there is no limit to how long you should do it – is to program your mind to focus on the positive aspects of your life.  When you find yourself focusing on the negative, put those thoughts out of your mind.  In fact, take those negative thoughts, and in your minds eyes, place them in a balloon and see them drifting away from you.

As you go along, you will find it so much easier to remember 5 positive things in your day.  As your thinking shifts, so you find yourself focusing on the positive things in your day as they happen.  And that’s what you want to do.  Remember that as human beings, we are programmed to focus on the negative aspects of our lives.  It is part of our inbuilt survival mechanism.  So anything that we don’t know or have limited information about, we will revert to the negative – we will automatically be placed in survival mode, whether we’re conscious of it or not.  Therefore, working on reprogramming your mind to find the positive things in your life and to place more weight on the positive, changes your way of thinking and it changes the way you see your life – and that’s what you want to achieve!

Celebrate the joy in your life – whether those moments are fleeting or not.  Celebrate the joy of living!  What does it matter if you don’t have a diamond ring on your finger?  What does it matter if you don’t drive the best car in your friend circle?  What does it matter if you don’t have a big bank balance?  What matters is that you appreciate every moment of every day that is given to you!  What matters is that you make a difference in your life and you make a difference in the lives of others.  And again, that difference only needs to be something small, some small moment of celebrating being alive – however you choose to do that!

If you are struggling with finding the positive aspects of your life, or if you are going through a particularly challenging time, please remember that you can give me a call or whatsapp me anytime 082 570 6473.  We can set up a reading or a few sessions of spiritual counseling that can help you to jumpstart the joy of living your life – you are so deserving of it.

Yours in service


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