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When you find yourself in a personal situation that feels totally overwhelming and makes you feel completely out of your depth, how do you know who best to contact?  For instance, you may be faced with the prospect of bringing a special needs child into the world. As daunting an idea as it is, from the very onset, you would obviously need to start educating yourself on the practical issues and what would be best for your child moving forward. Naturally you would seek specialists in the field of that particular special need and you would be totally within their hands in terms of guidance and advice – trust your inner voice.

You could be in a very different situation where you perhaps find yourself getting divorced and perhaps the practical issues are a little easier to deal with ie finding a lawyer and getting the job done. I say that with tongue in cheek because naturally even divorce comes with some serious issues that we are forced to face – trust your inner voice.

The point I’m trying to make is how do you find the right people to help you. Every emotional experience that we go through, that leaves us seeking help outside of our immediate circle of relationships, impels us to explore more than just our immediate circumstance. It kind of forces us to form new relationships with people who would otherwise be strangers to us and place a positive desired outcome for our life very much in the hands of someone else, someone who we don’t really know.

And for me this is where you need to totally rely on your guides and the inspiration that they give you in terms of making the right choice.   Some five years ago, my beautiful nephew was involved in a serious car accident which left him dead and resuscitated at the scene and fighting for his life in intensive care. During that time, the prognosis was really not good and we were told that he would be left in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.

Having been transferred to a rehabilitation facility, we were introduced purely by chance, to a doctor who asked if we would be open to a method of treatment where there was not much proof of a positive outcome.   During the meeting with this doctor, we all felt so comfortable with him and had a deep sense of knowing that this would be the right choice for my nephew. I have absolutely no doubt that this doctor was sent into our space through divine intervention. My nephew went on to make an almost 100% recovery, the only thing being that he struggles slightly to walk and talk. Anyone looking from outside would see this as an absolute miracle and perhaps it is.

My message to you is, trust that little inner voice that talks to you because that is the inspiration from your guides and from the angels that never leave us on our own in anything that we find ourselves going through. Listen to what they have to say to you and follow their lead and you will be absolutely amazed at how things play out and how you will never be let down. After all, our guides and the angels are ambassadors of our Creator!

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