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Growth through Spiritual Healing

Have you ever stopped to consider how many lifetimes you’ve already lived?  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I recall speaking to someone who told me that everyone has to live out a very specific amount of lives in order to reach perfection and that figure was somewhere in the 900’s.  Gosh, I wouldn’t be able to quote them even if I tried!

I honestly don’t believe that there is any kind of calculation that one could do to say that this is the exact amount of lifetimes that you would have to live in order to not come back to the earth again. And the reason I say this, is because firstly it’s not about how many lifetimes you’ve lived, it’s more about the quality of those lifetimes.  And secondly, because we don’t know at what point of spiritual development our souls were, when we originally started out.

What I do know, is that we can and do, facilitate growth through Spiritual Healing.  And by that I mean, that we grow as Spiritual Beings with each lifetime that we experience.  The point of us – and by us, I mean souls, coming into a human existence is to ensure that we grow and develop ourselves from a spiritual perspective.  But the two do go hand in hand.  You cannot grow spiritually if don’t grow on a human level as well.

With each lifetime that we choose to live out as a human being, we select, with the help and guidance of the Lords of Karma, our Soul Group, and our Spirit Guides, that which we require at the point of our Spiritual journey.  By that I mean, we pay close attention to the detail and we choose our parents, we choose the year, date, time, continent etc.  We contract with our Soul Groups which, by the way, can and do change, as we move through the journey of human existences.  And through those contracts, and living out our human existences, we grow, essentially healing our Spiritual selves – our soul.

It’s a lot about changing the way that we see ourselves and by that I mean, we need to give ourselves credit for everything that we have already achieved.  I just want to remind everyone that when I refer to ‘us’ I mean us as Spirit Beings, because we are not humans (essentially) – we are Spirit Beings and we come from time to time, into human existences.

So giving ourselves credit for what we have already achieved, means that we should acknowledge that we have come a long way on our Spiritual journey and with each lifetime, we have gained knowledge and wisdom.  And we need to tap into that knowledge and wisdom because when we do, this lifetime that we have chosen, becomes so much more manageable, meaningful and understandable.  We begin to see ourselves not as some ignorant human being with so much to learn but as an experienced soul who has learned so much and still has more to learn.

Through changing this perception of ourselves, we ignite a sense of excitement and zest for life that we haven’t perhaps experienced in this lifetime.  And with that zest for life, we come to understand ourselves and to love ourselves with more conviction than ever before.  With love for ourselves, we begin to grow and we start to further heal our souls.  The ultimate goal of our soul should be to live out our existence as souls, in the Absolute – the pure perfection that is God’s Kingdom.

And with each lifetime, our aim should be to reconnect with our most innermost self, our highest self and the very core of who we actually are.  Knowing that I in fact am not Glynis, I am a perfect soul who just happens to be Glynis at this point in time.

Don’t be afraid to work on finding out what you did in past lifetimes.  Don’t be afraid to work on knowing what you’ve done in past lifetimes.  For me, it is our absolute birthright to know these things.  I’m not saying become fixated on focusing on past lives to the point that you no longer are able to completely focus and function within this lifetime.  But knowing how much each lifetime interlinks with the next and the previous and the previous previous, brings about enlightenment and enlightenment creates and brings about growth and ultimately healing to our souls.

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