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Peace in an Unsettling World

All around us we hear bad news every day.  There’s a shooting here, a murder there, a kidnapping taking place, a hostage situation.  A child is being abused, a family out on the street.  It’s no wonder we feel like there’s just no getting away from negativity!

How do you find peace in this unsettling world?

During a reading this afternoon, the guides were telling my client that attitude has such a huge impact on how our day turns out.  And of course, our attitude is something that we have control over.  So she was saying that when we see ourselves as victims, we’re constantly handing over our power to someone else and we will remain in victim mode.  When we finally get that we need to take back our power and become in control of our own lives, our attitude towards our life changes and we finally get to see positive outcomes in everything that we take on.

But, of course, this doesn’t solve the problem of the shootings, the murders, the kidnapping etc taking place.  To a certain extent.

Bearing in mind that we have the power to control everything in our life, we have to know that when we focus power onto positive outcomes, it has a ripple effect out onto everything around us.  My guide always says that what we pay attention to, we become conscious of.  I would take that even further and say what we pay attention to, we give the power to become stronger.

And when we give all the negativity in the world the power to become stronger, because that’s what we focus on, we’re certainly not bringing about peace in this unsettling world.  We should all be saying, what can I do to make things better?

Just as charity always begins at home, everything should begin with you.  Take the time to look at yourself and how you conduct yourself on a daily basis.  Are you kind to everyone around you?  Are your thoughts pure or are you secretly wishing harm on others? What is it that you expect from yourself?  Is it always only the best or do you find yourself making excuses for yourself?  Are those internal conversations made with anger and frustration and do you berate yourself for your actions even when you know that there was nothing more that you could do?  Do you find yourself constantly placing blame outside of yourself for things that you know that you can control, but choose not to?

It’s all about taking ownership of our lives completely.  It’s about knowing that every time you have any interaction with anyone, that you have done your best.  It’s about knowing that every interaction you have with yourself, you have done your best.  You should always work towards making people feel better for having been in your space.  When people leave your space, they should want to connect with you again.  I have a friend that I told the other day “I always feel lekker when I’m around you.”  And I meant it.  She has that ability to make one feel special and that you are the only one that counts at that particular time whilst you’re with her.  What a great example for us to be following.  It goes to how we treat ourselves and how we treat others.  Interesting how very often it’s easier for us to be nice to someone we don’t know and then take out our frustrations and bad moods on those that we love.  Stop it!  Be nice, it’s really not that difficult.

If I were to tell you that being nice is the way to bringing about peace and harmony in an unsettling world, would you start today?  Well it is.  It is the one sure-fire way that we can change the world and make it a better place.  Give it a try and let me know how you do.

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