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Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat Invitation to You

We tend to spend most of our time in the grip of our thoughts – at times jumping around here, there and everywhere – the typical distracted “monkey-mind” – and at other times spinning out about something in particular – like an elaborate fractal of repeating patterns of thought: assuming, imagining, criticising, complaining, blaming, judging, chastising, lamenting, regretting, doubting, hoping, wishing, wanting, expecting, analysing, interpreting, wondering, telling ourselves stories, on and on  – caught up in a self-created web of confusion and perplexity.

Worse now than ever with so many pressures to respond, perform, produce, deliver, be something, say something, do something – yesterday, if possible. And constantly exposed to a great deal of information – a lot of it electronically and remotely conveyed, with little personal contact.  In short, we are over-exposed, over-stretched, over-stressed, overwhelmed and often alienated. No time to just be, to breathe, to relax and to feel.

How good then to take some time to step out of the pressures of our world and come back to ourselves – to be with our immediate experience just as it is in this present moment – breathing, seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, moving, sensing, resting – allowing the mountain to hold us and support us as body and mind gently calm down.

In the stillness it is as if our inner space expands, our inner vision clears, our inner listening deepens and our heart opens to the silent knowing of our intuition and wisdom. Trust it, and it will guide us back to peace – where love, compassion, appreciation and equanimity just naturally are.  And once again we taste the subtle joy of simply being aware.

Submitted by : Marlene Howie, Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat

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