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If we could see ourselves as warriors!

There is no mistaking why we are all living out our individual personal spiritual path at this time. How much devotion and effort we put into our spiritual path is our concern and should not be taken lightly.   We should by now, understand that in order for us to develop the beautiful spiritual beings that we are, our first duty is to ourselves and the living of an orderly, pure life.

As each year draws to a close and we bring in another new year, we need to take the time to evaluate our achievements and success. This is not a time for focusing on the negative – what has happened is what it is and nothing can change that which has past. May the lessons that we’ve learned ensure that we are stronger and more ready to invite new and exciting adventures into our lives.

If we can see ourselves as warriors, fearless in every way, we will sail through every year and every challenging situation in which we find ourselves. Strive to know your purpose and never deviate from it. Our purpose in life should be to make responsible choices that advance our whole being to its maximum potential.

There is an amazing book called “Discover your sixth sense” by Julie Soskin, and she says… “Spiritual development can be seen as an adventure, one where the individual is the hero or heroine of his or her own life. Like most adventures, it takes courage to embark on it, as it requires honesty and an exploration of self and, like any gripping story, it will have its good and bad times. Often the process may feel as though you are opening a ‘Pandora’s box’ with no idea of what you may find inside. Yet many students of spiritual development express that they feel an inner pull, a vital need to explore, wherever it may lead. In a sense, spiritual discovery is about the very meaning of life, not just the roles we play, such as being a mother or father, the work we do or the status we hold in society, but who we truly are. It encompasses deep questions about the meaning of life and living and as such could be described as the greatest and most important journey of all.

The spiritual pathway is not for the faint hearted but it is not just hard work; it is also fun, exciting and joyful. The value of this voyage of discovery is also the adventure itself. What will happen? What will I find? Who will I become?”


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