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Half the verses recited on alternate days

Om sham no mitrah, sham varunah

Sam no bhavat-varyamaa

Sam no indro brihaspatih

Sam no vishnur urukramah

Namo brahamane, namaste vavu

Twam eva pratyak-sham brahmasi

Twam eva pratyak-sham brahma vadishyami

Ritam vadishyami, satyam vadishyami

Tanmam avatu, tada vaktaram avatu

Avatu maam, avatu vaktaram

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


May the God of the Day and the God of the Night, the God of Sight, the God of Strength, the God of Intellect and the All Pervading God be propitious to us.  Prostrations to the Brahman.  Prostrations to thee, O Vayu.  Thou indeed art the visible Brahman.  I shall proclaim Thee visible Brahman.  I shall call Thee the Just and the True.  May He protect me.  May He protect the Teacher.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


Om chandasam rishabo viswa roopah

Chhand dobhyo adhy amritat sam babhoova

Sa mendro medhaya sprinotu

Amritasya deva dharano bhooya asam

Sareeram me vichar shaman

Jihwa me madhu mat tama

Karana bhyam bhuri medhaya adpihitah

Shrutam me gopaya

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


 May He, the Lord of all, pre-eminent among the Vedas and Superior to the nectar contained in them, bless me with wisdom.  May I be adorned with the knowledge of Brahman that leads to Immortality.  May my body become strong and vigorous (for practicing meditation on Brahman).  May my tongue always utter delightful words.  May I head a lot with my ears.  Thou art scabbard of Brahman hidden by wordly taints (and not revealed by puny intellects).  May I never forget that which I have learnt.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


Om aham vrik-shasya reriva

Keertih prishtham gireriva

Ordhwa pavitro vajineeva swamritam asmi

Dravinam saver-chasam

Sumedha amritok-shitah

Iti trikshanor-veda anu-vachanam

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


I am the destroyer of the tree (of Samsara).  My reputation is as high as the top of the hill.  I am in essence, as pure as the Sun.  I am the highest treasure.  I am All-wise, Immortal and Indestructible.  This is Trisanku’s realisation.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


Om poornam adah poornam idam

Poornaat poornam udachayate

Poornasaya poornam adaya

Poornam eva avashish-yate

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


That is Infinite.  This is Infinite, from the Infinite, the Infinite becomes manifest.  From the Infinite when the Infinite is negated, what remains again is the Infinite.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


Second half recited on alternate days

 Om apya-yantu mama angami

Vak pranas chakshuh shrotram

Atho balam indriyani cha sarvani


Maham Brahman nira kuryam

Ma ma brahma nira-karot

Anira-karanam astu

Anira-karanam me astu

Tadat-mani nirate

Ya upanishastu dharmah

Te mayi santu, te mayi santu

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


May my limbs, speech, prana etc, ear and power of all my senses grow vigorous.  Everything is the Braham of the Upanishads.  May I never deny the Braham.  May the Brahman never desert me.  Let that relationship endure.  Let the virtues recited in the Upanishads be rooted in me.  May they repose in me.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


Om vang me manasi pra-tish-thita

Mano me vachi pra-tish-thitham

Avira aver ma edhi, vedasya ma aneesthah

Shrutam me ma prahaseeh

Anena adhetena, aho ratram sandha dhami

Ritam vadhishyami, satyam vadishyami

Tan mama-avatu tad vaktaram-avatu

Avatu maam avatu vaktaram, avatu vaktaram

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


Let my speech be rooted in the mind.  Let my mind be rooted in my speech.  Let Brahman reveal Himself to me.  Let my mind and speech enable me to grasp the Truth of the Vedas.  Let not what I hear forsake me.  Let both day and night be continuously spent by me in study.  I think Truth.  I think Truth.  I speak Truth.  May that Truth protect me.  May that Truth protect the Teacher.  Protect me, protect the Teacher.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


Om bhadram no api vatya manah

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


Salutatons.  May the mind, and all these (body, Indriyas, Pranas etc) be good and well.  Om Peace, Peace and Peace.


Om bhadram karnebihi shrunu yama devah

Bhadram pasyema akshabhir yajatraah

Sthirair angais tushtuvan sas tanoobhih

Vyashema devahitam yad ayuh

Swasti na indro vriddha shravah

Swasti nah poosha vishwa vedaah

Swasti nas tarkshyo arishta nemih

Swasti no brihaspatir dadhatu

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.


O Worshipful ones, may our ears hear what is auspicious.  May we see what is auspicious.  May we sing your praise, live our allotted span of life in perfect health and strength.  May Indra, who is extolled in the scriptures, Pushan, the all-knowing, tarkshya, who saves from all harm; and Brihaspati, who protects our spiritual lustre, vouchsafe success in our study of the scriptures and the practice of the truths contained therein.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

 Om yo brahmanam vidhati poorvam

Yo vai vedams-cha prahinoti tasmai

Tam ha devam atma budhi prakasam

Mumukshurvai sharanam aham praadye

Om Shantih, Shantih, Santih.


He who created this universe in the beginning and He whom the Vedas gloriously praise and sing about, I take refuge in the firm faith and belief that my intellect may shine with knowledge of Brahman.  Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

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