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Want to heal? Here’s a different starting point than choosing a type of therapy.

Self-awareness is going to be key in how you deal with your problems whether you go for therapy/coaching or not…

So, begin to become more self-aware…we need to look inward, see what our inner world is like, what the world behind your eyes are like…truth be told, that’s where you actually live.

Also, how willing are you to work at something, do things like making notes, even if you are not someone who loves doing so, read stuff, even if you tell me I don’t like to read…do the same…get the same…do different, get a different result, so never forget that. The solutions are in you not out there, even if it means you are putting it in your mindset by yourself, what a great power that is!

Also, what a relief, as you can choose, you have more power than you think you do… your brain is programable, if you don’t do it, someone else will, is that what you want??

Let us go back to your inner world, what does that feel like, sensible, chaotic, like a maze or a labyrinth, focused, messy?

Can you see some patterns? Some ways of being that are contributing to your world being the way it is? Let me give you a few sliding scales to check out for direction here:

  • Am I more arrogant or self-deprecating?
  • Am I more greedy or asking too little from life?
  • Am I impatient, and it causes unhappiness in my being?
  • Do I feel sorry for myself and blame others for what’s happening?
  • Do I tend to undervalue and under count myself, and that way miss out on what I deserve, getting anxious about it?
  • Do I tend to stubbornly stick to a way of being, or doing that is frustrating me?
  • Have I identified so much with my issues that there is no space for me to be happy?
  • Do I “live” in the future, or the past most of the time?

These guiding questions can be arrows pointing you to a better place of being. Humans have also evolved, we really don’t need to be victim of our minds. Modern research indicates that because of brain plasticity we can do wonders, to change old ways of being, things that have been deemed a disorder have become a skill, and new way of viewing the world. You are not broken, you may have a pattern to change… and it is in your hands to do so. I’m by no means saying medication doesn’t have a place, but one can move mountains when we make better thinking choices, sometimes with meds, and sometimes by really making a repetitive effort to alter a mind or thought pattern.

This is where we gently begin to enter the world of CBT…what does that mean? Cognitive behaviour therapy, there is of course also DBT, which is dialectical behavioural therapy.

CBT focuses on challenging and changing cognitive distortions and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a modified type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others. While the latter has been very helpful for borderline personality “dis-order” it surely has many more uses than just that. Combine that with mindfulness, (or as I call it mind full-less) tools and you will be, with repetition or practice, in a much better mental and physical state than before.


Thinkology, oh no, not another modality?! No, just the way I help you use your mind, here’s a short definition of Thinkology, to make things a little clearer: Literally, the science of your thought. The path that a person takes to reach a conclusion through thinking and reasoning.
It’s this path that is the pre-cursor to your actions, and deeds, habits and behaviors….and thus:

Change your Thinking,
Change Your Life.

Frida can be contacted : 0824533997, and frida@thinkology.co.za

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