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10 Questions About Guides

Question 1: How many spirit guides can a person have?
A: It is possible to have more than one guide. My (Glynis) guides are
Oshvaria – my main protector guide who has been with me through many lifetimes. She is an African Traditional Healer from the Masai Tribe, shows herself to have passed into Spirit for the last time at around age 90 and has a huge amount of wisdom and understanding of human beings that I’m so blessed she shares with me. She always sits with me when I do private readings and facilitates the conversation between my sitter, myself, the guides and loved ones who come through
Kevin – my teaching guide who assists me in teaching my mediumship & meditation classes. He allows me access to the Akashic Records which means that I am able to see not only my records but other people’s records too. The greatest blessing is that he works with me to help others access their own Akashic Records and in so doing, have a glimpse into their past lives to gain a greater understanding of their current human existence
Mary & Louise – two guides who work together to inspire me in my writing and communication
Atrayou – my beautiful magician guide who works with me to bring healing to people whether it be hands-on or just through giving me a deeper insight into the human psyche and understanding our overwhelming connection to the universal consciousness

Question 2: Do we ever become guides?
A: Eventually we do – once we have completed our journey to spiritual perfection

Question 3 : Do our guides have a gender?
A : Not as we define gender. However, they do have a predominantly male or female vibration

Question 4: Can guides ever move objects?
A: If really necessary but they very rarely do

Question 5 : Are there healing guides as well as healing angels?
A : Yes, as well as spirit doctors, who all work together, for the betterment of all spirit beings to help us progress along our journey to ultimate perfection

Question 6 : Do our guides ever leave us?
A : No, they remain with us throughout every moment of every day. Even more so during meditation and sleep-state

Question 7 : Is it possible to share guides?
A : Yes, in that there are guides who have a specific purpose ie guides who specialise in helping us through grief, trauma, business ventures, emotional stress, teaching etc

Question 8 : Can a loved one who has passed over be our guide?
A : No, unless they have perfected their journey completely and therefore assigned a new journey of their soul. However, don’t forget that our loved ones are able to be with us any time they choose and they walk alongside us, inspiring us and guiding us in our everyday life

Question 9 : What do our guides look like?
A : For ease of reference they usually take on the last incarnation that they had. Essentially spirit is but sparks of light energy

Question 10 : Do our guides have names?
A : If your guide does not give you name as reference, you are free to call him/her whatever you wish. They do not need a name, it is us who require this as a point of reference

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