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Just a short while ago, we were all running around, going about our business without too much thought for what the future holds.  Then along came this virus and our lives were slowed down so much that for the majority of us, everything kind of came to a grinding halt.  When talking to my guide about the pandemic and the impact that it will have on us as humans, I was told that one thing I should never forget is that people become accustomed to their surroundings very easily.  Interestingly, it doesn’t matter if those surroundings are uncomfortable – we as a human species, are very adaptable!

Take a few moments to assess your life as it currently is, versus what it was like at the beginning of March.  Slowly things have evolved.  We are working from home rather than go into an office.  We have stopped hugging.  We have become very guarded.  We plan our shopping days with more forethought.  We don’t go out as much as we used to.  We don’t see our families as we used to.  Everyone is now referring to our lives as the new normal, but exactly what is that? Is this the normal that we want?

If the answer to this question is yes, or even maybe, then you have already adapted and you have accepted your life as it is.  With all it’s restrictions and limitations that this so-called new normal has to offer.  For me, this is very sad and I certainly hope that you haven’t become accepting of your life as it currently is.  I should imagine that for a few of us, the things that have changed in our lives, has brought us a new sense of calm, quiet peacefulness and that’s great.  Somehow, I have learned how to be more active in my own life.  It is all about becoming accustomed to yourself, I suppose.  Becoming comfortable with who you are and this quiet, slowed down time, has most definitely shown a lot of us how to do this.

However, I keep getting the sense that it’s time to get ourselves moving forward into our future, without feeling comfortable in this new normal that is essentially extremely uncomfortable.  Yes, we need a new way to live our lives, we need a new way to interact with each other and to settle into a new way in which we fit into the world.  But, we need to bear in mind that all these things need to be done from a place of love, compassion, understanding, acceptance of each other.

So may the next six months of this year, bring to each and every one of you, nothing but joy.  May we all learn to live together in peace and harmony and may we all create a new life for ourselves that is a much better version of the life that we have lived up till now.

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