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This Practical Wisdom will cover some guidelines on expectations: how we are to be and the opportunities for our personal growth in these energies. I will send out a Practical Wisdom  on the global picture in a couple of weeks.  So the third Practical Wisdom for 2021 will be in April.

Instead of asking “How are the energies of this year going to affect me?” we should be asking “What am I going to create, to transform and to risk?”  It is about fully moving into the authentic self and taking responsibility for everything we are creating.  It’s about the conscious choice of mastery.  Without it we will find it very difficult to weather this time of turmoil.

We are being encouraged to stop looking outside and focus within, perhaps to re-form some out-dated inner patterns.  Have you, for instance, taken a good hard look at your ego?  I have and it was not too comfortable!  We have been exposed to a lot of conditioning, perhaps inheriting feelings of judgement, arrogance, being better than?  Sometimes they are very subtle but are remnants of habits and require that we examine ourselves with utter humility and honesty.

An indication you may be externally focused is obsession with what is going on “out there”.  It is like white noise and it goes on and on and will for some time.  Unplug from these narratives and the news. Rather observe your own insights and revelations.  Clear what no longer serves you, change your behaviour and get on with the new emerging you.

Now is the time to engage with your Higher Heart.  What is the Higher Heart?  It is the Seat of your Soul, way beyond sweet fluffy rabbits and Valentine’s Day!  Let the High Heart be your new modus operandi.  It is from where your intuition becomes your highly attuned and effective guidance system.

In this theme of personal renewal, I humbly remind you, you cannot do anything for anyone else unless you are whole within yourself.  Become bonded and fused with the truth of your being.  Let go doubts, the lie that you are inadequate.  Outside authority does in no way validate your worth.  Nobody is the authority over your journey except you.  Your best self-help is self-compassion.

Please notice that every statement I have written above is about becoming Who You Truly Are.

Physical changes and the exhaustion which comes as new downloads impact us, will continue.  By now you will know how to deal with them.  When I asked a sensitive as to when my knees would be healed she said “They are not an issue because in the first three months of 2021 we will be moving increasingly into our Light Bodies.”  How encouraging!

As we move into this New Era you may have noticed that more people appear to become unbalanced and unstable.  These are massive energy changes and not everyone can deal with them with grace, ease, honesty, sanity or stability.  As Light holders there is a need to master patience, allowing and compassion.

The issue of the vaccine will continue unabated, as well the conspiracy theories!  I am sure there will be an ongoing struggle between those who want vaccination, those who refuse point blank to have one and those who promote innovation and progress versus those who are fighting to preserve their control and power.

We are going to change the way we do change!  It’s no longer linear and it’s no longer about our individual effort and striving.  Yes, it is about taking good care of ourselves, letting go the surface gloss and drama and feeling the truth of who we are, honouring our inner knowing and letting this wondrous New Energy serve us.

Aquarius is the Age of Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  Outer authority no longer serves us.  We turn to each other for resource, friendship, support and creative collaboration.  We are all we need.

If you are waiting for change you are not fully in the Light.  If you can accept fully that the Light is already here, it will change everything for you individually.  Absorb, believe, work with it and it will give you strength.  Trust your wisdom,  your Inner Self.  Live from that with love flowing from your High Heart.

Loving blessings to you,


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