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The Time for Change is Now

Change is no longer being invited into our lives, it’s being forced into our space. We’re no longer being given the opportunity to decide whether or not it’s time for us to test the waters, we’re being thrown in the deep end and forced to swim. It’s not that the guides are becoming impatient with us and it’s not that they are unsympathetic towards us. It is that there is a plan and those of us who currently occupy the earth are a part of that plan through a contract that we signed before we came here and it’s time for us to step up to the plate and honour those contracts. We’re not being expected to do it on our own. Yes, our human side feels very alone – we feel very much like we can’t cope and we’re questioning ‘why me’ and crying out ‘I don’t want to do this!”

So how do we cope? We have to slow things down a little. We have to take ourselves out of the human emotional mindset. We have to get ourselves into that space where we can take credit for how much we have learned whilst we have been here, for the wisdom that we have brought with us and even more importantly for who we have surrounded ourselves with in order to bring us strength, support and constant encouragement. Then, we need to acknowledge that our guides and spirit helpers are around us. They are with us every step of the way. They know the finer details of our contract and they are able to give us insight into those details whenever we connect with them. So, the more we connect, the more we know, the better we set ourselves up for success!

And yes, we all know how much this world can do with success right now. Success in everything, and it starts at home. It starts with the little things; the little things that we do for one another. The way we treat each other. The way we treat ourselves. The way we treat our animals, plant life and mineral life and the respect that we show for the environment. Doing harm and thinking bad thoughts has no benefit to anyone or anything – it is an absolute waste of personal energy and a complete disrespectful use of the creative I Am energy.

The guides have been telling us for so long now that change is inevitable and they’re bringing it into our space here and now. It is no longer something that is in the future – something that they are planning towards. The plans have been made and now they are being set in motion. It is up to us to keep up and to play our part. Work with your guide, and more importantly trust that they will never let you down and that way, you will be able to let go and let God.

When looking at the world through the eyes of someone else, anyone else that you can think of whether it be someone older than you, younger than you; more or less fortunate than you, living in another country – would you think that they would see the world in much the same way as you? Do you think that essentially they have the same wants and needs? Do you think that they feel the same way about society and about their spiritual aspirations as you do?

If this is something that you’ve never thought about, perhaps this is a good exercise to spend some time on. It’s always beneficial to us to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. To try to see the world how other people see it is what we all should be doing at least every now and then. And particularly when we’re feeling sorry for ourselves or feeling like we have a raw deal. Or, even when we’re starting to feel over-confident and beginning to become a little arrogant about our lives and where we’re at. So, when we find ourselves being judgemental or feeling a little above someone else, stop and do this exercise. See if you would be feeling the way you are, if you were in their world. This is not to say that we can’t sing our own praises. We need to give ourselves a good pat on the back every now and then. We need to acknowledge how hard we have worked for something and how much it has taken for us to get there. We need to acknowledge how hard we have worked for our spiritual growth and what we have done to get to where we are on a spiritual level as well. But, we need to always, at all times, remember where we have come from and remember how we have arrived. For to get to a good place, we cannot do it at the expense of others and we cannot do it in such a way that makes us feel that we are better than others.

Remember always that the only thing that separates any one of us, is this life path that we have chosen and nothing else. It is not money, not country, not race, nothing else – not choice of religion nor choice of year, name, parents, anything that you could possibly think of – it is only your life-path. We are all perfect spiritual beings who have all been created in the likeness of the Great I Am, who is the creator of all that is – every living breathing moving thing.

Life is a privilege for us all – we should wake up every day and give thanks for it. We should be giving thanks every day for what we have which includes our families, our jobs, our homes, our food, our circumstances and everything that goes into making up our lives. And we can only be thankful for what we have when we are able to see the world through the eyes of others.

We need to understand that other people have their hardships and their wins. They have their joys and their heartaches. They too have their desires and their dreams of a better life. Essentially, we all want the same thing. We all want to be accepted. We all want to be loved. We all want to be heard. We all want to feel that we make a difference and that we contribute positively to society. We all want to have a warm place to lay our head and to feel that we have provided lovingly for our families. Some people are less able to do this than others. It is not because they don’t care. Sometimes, it is because they don’t know how – they lack the skills and they lack the ability to care, as impossible as that is to believe.

Every one of us is on a personal journey with ourselves. It is our own spiritual growth for which we are responsible and it is only we who are going to answer for what we have or haven’t done in this lifetime. Before we arrived on this earth, we sat with our spirit guides and helpers and the great teachers and masters and set out a plan for us to achieve what is necessary for our soul growth. Each night when we rest, we are given the opportunity to consult with them in terms of how we are doing and that is why it is essential that we learn whilst we are here, to communicate with our guides and spirit helpers. For the more we can communicate with them, the easier it makes our path. When we finally go back home, we are given the opportunity to look again at the contract that we signed, to see what the terms and conditions were so to speak, and to see how well we have adhered to that contract. To see what we have achieved and how much we have grown and developed during this time on the earth. We are fully accountable for everything that we have or haven’t done. And so the journey continues. May your journey be light and may your journey be one filled with happiness and excitement!

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