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17 Steps to Perfect Meditation – Strengthening your Mediumship

Step 1 : Set aside time once a week to meditate in development circle & at home on your own

Step 2 : Focus on your breathing and relax your body completely starting at your feet and working all the way up to the top of your head, including down both your arms to the edges of your fingertips

Step 3 : Try to put all worldly thoughts out of your mind.  Just allow your thoughts to come and go with focusing on them

Step 4 : Continue breathing rhythmically to encourage relaxation

Step 5 : Find your comfortable space through visualisation.  If you are most comfortable in a cave, visualise yourself there.  If you are more comfortable on the beach, visualise yourself there.

Step 6 : Raise your vibration through feeling totally at peace.

Step 7 : Become aware of the energies around you and familirise yourself with how they feel.

Step 8 : Allow the energies to flow – get rid of any misgivings or fears you may have.  You are always protected.

Step 9 : In a total relaxed state, speak to your guide telepathically and without expectation.  Your intent is what matters most, don’t force the ‘conversation’.

Step 10 : Ask your guides to show you who they are – be consistent until you get to see who they are either through an impression, or a feeling or through seeing them in your minds’ eye.  Once again, don’t expect anything.

Step 11 : In a total relaxed state see in your minds’ eye what your guides are wanting to show you.  Talk to them.

Step 12 : Ask them what they are showing you and why.

Step 13 : In a total relaxed ask your guides to elaborate by showing you more and helping you figure out what they are telling you.

Step 14 : Work with your guides to discern what symbols / images / thoughts / impressions / ideas / feelings etc they use to communicate with you and what their meaning is.

Step 15 : Practice on yourself during the week.  Ask questions and ask for signs and consciously look out for those signs.  Don’t forget to say thank you.

Step 16 : When you’re confident that you’re getting information for yourself, start practicing on getting messages for friends and family using the same process.  They don’t need to be with you, doing it through your intent is sufficient.

Step 17 : Practice, practice, even when you believe that you’re really good at getting messages.  Without constant practice, you will lose your connection and be forced to start the process all over again.

Follow the above steps regularly to increase your connection to yourself and the universal consciousness.  Whether you want to become a medium or whether you’d just like to receive messages for yourself, the process is same.  Remember that we are all clairvoyant and so we all have the ability to connect to our guides and the angels to receive messages even if they are just for ourselves.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a medium or have any questions on aspects of your meditation that you’re struggling with, please don’t hesitate to contact me on glynis@spiritconnection.co.za or WhatsApp 082 570 6473

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