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HEALING – inspired by my Reiki guide Angelica

Believe in miracles – they happen, not necessarily in earth shattering transformation, although we like those events as it gives us the warm fuzzy bubbly feeling – a connection revealing and strengthening our link to Source. Healing is a returning to Source, to the heart of everything. I’m not talking of “death” in the sense of the soul leaving the body here, although in a sense it is a form of healing as well and should be recognised and accepted as such because it is a release from suffering if the persons body has been dis-eased beyond repair. Accepting “death” as a transformation of spirit and a continuation of life in another form helps those left behind deal with the hurt of seeing one they love depart from the physical plane. Rest assured you will all meet again – joyfully. So back to physical healing. How can we describe healing? I like removal of dis-ease, dis-comfort. Many medical practices treat symptomatically until the cause of the discomfort is suppressed, the disease remains. Often of course the level of discomfort has become such that surgery is used to correct the disease. But lets talk of healing by use of energy and balancing the body.  Much more interesting. So to heal with energy we must – BALANCE – harmonise and maybe change the mind set in the subconscious part of our memory. Often we need healing in the emotional, mental and spiritual fields to effect healing in the physical body. As many of you are aware there are now plenty of ways to bring about these changes using energy modalities – reiki, kinesiology, quantum touch, massage, hypnotherapy are just a few. Most except for hypnotherapy that I mentioned (which uses depth of consciousness) work with Ki/Chi, the universal life force that causes life to exist in all things. Now we get to our bodies, yes all of them, from our lightest spiritual body and fastest vibration to our sluggish physical body, containing our chakra energy centres, our energy transformers that accept and absorb chi and change it to suit the energy for our bodies. Imagine yourself as a big vibrating bubble of light moving along, we don’t really walk about, we “shimmy” along at a number of vibrations (different frequencies). Our healthy bodies are beautiful glowing colourful bubbles. Glowing and flickering according to your attitudes and emotional health.

Physical Vitality is important but so is Spiritual Vitality because that is where your very essence of existence originates, from spirit. When our spiritual bodies have problems then it eventually manifests in the physical. Yes, I know your physical bodies can be abused by excessive food, food types, alcohol, smoking and drugs. But disease comes through the higher vibration bodies, originating there from thought and negative belief and accepting input from negative people. It is held there and becomes reinforced over time. That is why I place the “accent” on Spiritual Vitality – your connection to the source of life. Your tool to deflect the negative energy impacting on you. You want to be young and beautiful forever? Yes you do, secretly deep down inside.   Healers and energy Healers will channel and focus a more amplified Chi energy to a person with disease. This energy is stronger than the energy present in the diseased or stressed person. This focused energy will superimpose itself on the diseased persons Chi and realign them, pulling them back to a harmonious state. You can call this synchronising the diseased persons energy with Chi. That’s why healers should not do healing if they are ill because they are not aligned themselves. This energy from the healer “superimposes” on the diseased persons energy giving a “super boost” – in a way it is almost like increasing the volume on a sound system. With this stronger Chi flowing, the bodies are pulled into alignment, causing the healing effect. So in some cases you will get dramatic results especially if the diseased person is very receptive and open to accepting the healing. Chakras : Unblocking and Balancing Energy flows – it is so very liquid. Energy can get blocked. Obstructions come from anger, negative emotions such as emotional hurts, addictions, entity attachments and people – yes people impacting and infiltrating your aura with their bad energy. Chakras should spin freely, a beautiful vortex of clean colour swirling and drawing chi down into your bodies so that it can spread throughout you via the meridians. Think of chakras as low power electricity substations that take very high voltage from the main electricity power stations and transform it to a level suitable for home use. Chakras can become blocked, sluggish or even stationary. This does not bode well for you physically because each chakra supplies different organs and hormone producing glands. These glands supply the endocrine system which is networked through your body. So if a problem occurs in your endocrine / hormonal system you start going a bit wonky.

Therefore it is advisable to have your chakras balanced and cleared by whichever modality you find enjoyable and effective. Likewise have your aura and spiritual bodies cleared to get rid of residual negative energy. Chakras and spiritual bodies can be checked by the energy worker. They can be corrected by the energy worker using the modality they are trained in.


Ian Mackintosh South Africa
Reiki Master Emotional Freedom Technique Coaching Tarot Guidance Readings
Mail: psychichelper.ct@gmail.com

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