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I’m sure by now a lot of people have watched Blood Lions.  I did last night and sat with tears in my eyes!  How sad that we’re doing this as a nation priveleged to have these beautiful creatures in our lives.  It’s pure greed that drives these people and whilst I don’t ever want to get into any kind of political discussion, currently greed is what is driving the leaders of our South African nation and many other nations as well.

I’m always so encouraged when I look at technology and how far we’ve come.  How far we’ve come in terms of finding out things about our universe, how beautiful it is and how much we don’t know yet but the excitement of finding some kind of connection to other universes is certainly felt by many.

Personally I don’t believe that other life exists out there – I could be wrong.  But nothing has yet been found that can point to any other life forms existing out in space other than ours.  Surely for this reason alone, we should see just how precious our existence is and how unique we as human beings are and how unique our animal population is as well?  And surely this should make us all want to preserve what we have and not just destroy for the sake of ego!

It would be nice to hear your thoughts and I invite you to share them with me.

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