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Journey of the Soul Workshop

It’s always a good idea to have a dry run of any workshop or course that you’re planning to do. This last Sunday (as in yesterday), my meditation group very gracefully gave up their time to come sit through my new Journey of the Soul Workshop.  To save them time, we went through it a little quicker than planned but with the feedback that I received, I’m sure they weren’t robbed of the essence of the workshop.  This is some of the feedback that I received from them :

“Thanks Glynis, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot too.”

“It was really great, thank you.”

“Most thought provoking… Interesting and enjoyable…thank you.”

“So much to learn, thank you.”

With this encouraging feedback, I have no doubt that anyone who attends this one day workshop, will most definitely benefit from the content and will find that they have received value for money.

Please keep your eyes open for when I announce this workshop in Johannesburg.  The first one will be held in Nelspruit.

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