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“You are a spiritual being having a human experience” has become quite a cliché in recent times as our spiritual awareness has evolved and matured. This phrase is often used to remind us to step out of the drama of everyday life and that we are spiritual beings incarnating for a limited period in this life experience. To help us to step out of our current circumstances and see life from a more holistic perspective.

This is all well and good and has value when it is needed, however, in typical human fashion, we then swing to the opposite side of the scale and become too spiritual. Judging others for their apparent lack of spirituality, deciding that things are right or wrong for others from our own perspective, and above all judging and berating ourselves for being human and making what we call “mistakes”.

Very often, what we call “mistakes” or “accidents” will lead us through an experience that is totally uplifting and demonstrates our love, or reminds us that we are stronger than we thought we were, or reminds us of where we are in our spiritual awareness.

Nothing is ever a mistake. It is an experience – if you don’t like the experience, change it … and what I mean by that is change your perspective of the experience. For example, I recently drew a car accident into my life. My car was written off and my collar bone snapped in half. I was 100% innocent in the accident (I was turning right into a client’s complex, and the other person wasn’t paying attention and rammed my car from behind).

Initially I processed it with anger, at myself and the Universe, for bringing pain into my life, for taking away my transport and my livelihood, by making it difficult to keep up with my clients demands and requests, cutting off my income etc.

Clearly that didn’t get me anywhere! I was forced into a space of self-reflection and introspection.   What had I manifested in my life that brought the “accident” into my awareness? What was I focusing on that made it possible for the “accident” to manifest in my experience?

And then I realised that I had been focusing on fear, fear about our country and my future in it, fears about my deservedness to have all that I had achieved and many other fears. The accident manifested in my life to make me aware of how far I had lowered my vibration, how much I had allowed fear and conflict to impact on my personal experience, and how much I had allowed my wounded ego to control my life.

Without this experience, I would not have looked at these things, I would not have taken a break, a break I really needed, I would not have spent time with my mother reconnecting with her.

I know without a doubt that we draw experiences into our current experience that match 100% the vibrational level we are experiencing.   To draw an accident into my experience reminded me that I had allowed my vibration to drop and therefor the “negative” experience manifested itself.

I had allowed myself to fear the rejection of others and to seek their approval. I had allowed my ego and fear to make me less than I knew myself to be. It took me back to my mom’s home, facing her judgement of my lifestyle and beliefs, exploring anger, frustration and boredom. I also experienced love and support, joy and passion, compassion for myself and others. I experienced the joy of sitting on the patio watching the birds in the garden. All of these experiences I would not have had if the accident had not happened.

There is a reason we chose to relinquish our spiritual experience and to incarnate in these physical bodies. A reason we chose to forget who we are. A reason we make “mistakes” or have “accidents”.

For me this reason is to experience – note I did not say learn, or grow, or expand – to experience our lives in this physical form.

Experience without judgement or rejecting parts of ourselves we consider bad or negative. Experience with love and joy the huge potential of myself and the world we live in.

The over-emphasis on judging our experience to be right or wrong; positive or negative; has also limited us greatly in embracing this human experience – different belief systems and mythologies have a huge amount to say about what is right and wrong from a spiritual perspective, very often dismissing totally the nature of the human being and its natural expression.

We need to move out of our perspective of judgement and criticism and move into a space of love. A space where we understand that, while we may disagree with actions and behaviours demonstrated by ourselves or others, we cannot judge or criticise these behaviours, or be harsh with ourselves or others for displaying them, but rather understand that each of us in on our own path, having our own experience.

There is nothing to learn, there are no tests to pass or courses to complete – we cannot fail, there is no benchmark we are evaluated against, there is no sin, there is only our experience. We are exactly where we have created ourselves to be right now.

We are all having the human experience, so HAVE your experience!!   Embrace your experience. Celebrate the experience. Find the balance and change your experience. It is not only possible, it is your birth-right to experience all you want to experience without judgement or fear.

In many ways a rebel and individual thinker, Kevin has explored many paths and belief systems, finally settling into eclectic Witchcraft.  This has since developed into an individual path using aspects of beliefs and doctrines from all over the globe.  Incorporating Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics specializing in the Law of Attraction.

Kevin McKee: Teacher, Healer and Counsellor

Tel: 072 212 2376

Email: kevin@fyreliteessence.co.za

Website: www.fyreliteessence.co.za


  1. Something similar happened to me the last few weeks. I run a business from home and for the first time since I’ve started my business, I didn’t have work for over two weeks. I became so anxious, which affected my health, making me more anxious. But these few weeks have made me seriously think about myself, my fears, my work / life balance, my health (which had been declining due to working too hard). I have been forced to find the peace within in spite of the difficult circumstances. It actually has been really good.

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