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It is very easy for us to forget how much power we have over our own circumstances and how much of our power we hand over to others every day. Most of us act and react on auto-pilot, that which is natural impulse and that which we do without thinking or being consciously aware.

To be means to be in the present moment. For it is only in the depth of an experienced present that the past and future, and the transition from one to the other, have meaning. This is the time for all of us to reject what others have chosen for us. This can be the day we discover our own true purpose. A purpose based on the joy of creating the person who we really want to be now, in the present. This can be our defining moment as individuals, to choose everything that we want to experience in this world. There will only be proactive experiences, no more reactive experiences. We will engage and create not wait and debate. To continue on the same path that was chosen for us by someone else, or to continue to choose to be unhappy, or to continue to choose to live in a negative state of mind, is a choice that goes against our true nature. Everything about the way we live is the way it is because it is what we have chosen. When something is not right, we can change it.

Change the things you are able to, accept the things you cannot, and have the sense to know the difference. Our brain is set up to deliver the visual presentation of the world we are experiencing right now. We have the power to alter this visual presentation of the world we receive from our brain any time we decide to make an adjustment in our daily physical or mental routines. Some people choose to do this by simply being more open-minded. Just having the willingness to change causes us to change within the context of our view of the world. It also causes a form of revitalisation of hope for a world that can be deeply rational. Even as it makes clear there may be limits to our reasoning. The only real difference there is between us is how we express ourselves or the level of effort we are willing to provide to change our mind with new information.

We can point to something beyond our being by knowing that through our finite existence, the infinite expresses itself. It is our willingness to participate in the process of life that closes the gap of uncertainty and conquers the contradictions of the temporal process. We are love, for every process in life guides our tendencies of separation back towards union. The continuous movement towards union is the metaphysical nature of life. This awareness is the impulsive nature of love.

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