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Establishing Building Blocks

Our lives should be a journey of discovery spurred on by ambition and a yearning for great things.   How has your journey been so far? Each and every day, we are discovering new things about ourselves. Whether these are good or bad, does it really matter? Surely for the good things, it should inspire us to work even harder at perfecting that particular ‘thing’ and for the bad, we should be even more greatly inspired to at least get that ‘bad thing’ on the road to perfection.

We are all ambitious – some more than others. We all yearn for life to be smooth sailing without any humps and bumps in the road.   But really – what would our lives be without those humps and bumps? Would we feel the necessity to improve on our standard of living? Would we feel the necessity to improve on our interactions with others? Would we feel the necessity to bring about any kind of change? Probably not.

It is because we have those ups and downs, because we experience everything that living an earthly existence has to offer us and in some peoples’ cases even more – that we want; that we need and that we try to fulfil those wants and needs. This is what life is all about. It is only in living each moment that life has to give that we can become complete.

Don’t allow life to pass you by. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on anything, and make every moment of every day count. Go to bed at night feeling that you have made a positive contribution. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It only needs to leave you feeling a sense of worth, belonging and accomplishment. Give yourself credit for everything that you do, for we are all courageous beings.   The fact that we have decided to live on the earth is testament to the courage that we have, the strength that each and every one of us has deep within and the level of our commitment to self-discovery and spiritual growth.

So when you’re feeling like life is passing you by, make a conscious effort to re-assess. Make a conscious effort to evaluate your contribution to life in a positive light, recognising that you are doing ‘it’ every day whether you are aware of it or not.

The future of humankind, rests on one common fact – each of us needs to experience nature, the elements and as many natural processes as possible. We need to develop and expand our whole understanding of perception, reality and what we believe. If we are to survive in this changing world, it will be imperative that all of us understand how to be more open, authentic, whole, caring, trusting, spiritual, dynamic, and involved in personal relationships and activities. However emotionally difficult, disruptive or intense past experiences have been, we need to expand the functioning of the right side of our brains through the increased use of our conscious and non-conscious minds.

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