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Charlatans, Saints and Sinners

It is with a great sense of sadness that I feel the need to write this article. Firstly, I would like to thank the people who were involved in these situations from the bottom of my heart; for bringing this into my space and forcing me to evaluate my own behaviours – ouch!!!

A few months ago after a spiritual event, the organiser sent out an email to request that we don’t “bad mouth” and insult each other at the events, especially to visitors…I reacted with indignation and horror at what had been said and lamented the need to even bring up that kind of behaviour, or the need to write an email about it, we are all spiritual people, living a life of love, why do people behave in this way?

Low and behold, as I was leaving the next event I walked into a conversation once again accusing another spiritual person, who wasn’t even at the event, of being a charlatan because of the tools they use. I beat a very fast retreat before I could say something I would later regret and left. On the way home a heavy sadness descended on me and has, in various ways, remained with me ever since.

Why do we feel the need to judge people, even if we call ourselves spiritual and loving people, why do we feel the need to put others down when they are following what they believe to be the right path for them, and above all do we have the right to? Is there a “right” way and a “wrong” way? Are we not behaving exactly the same way as religious organisations and societal institutions that have, for centuries suppressed and tried to destroy the paths we choose to walk?

This was a huge wake up call and highlighted some very sensitive issues and fears within myself. When I asked myself what was being highlighted here the following words came up: charlatan, guru, superior, judgemental, egotistical, arrogant – all words that had been highlighted in working with The Shadow and running the Embracing the Shadow Course.

In my work with The Shadow I have learnt that nothing gets our attention without there being an emotional or spiritual “plug” for it to plug into, and so I started looking within and realised I was just as guilty in various ways. Sometimes even in the privacy of my own heart, not even always spoken or expressed.

Before we continue with this thought process let me share with you some of the information that has come my way in terms of the above so we are all on the same page moving forward.

I have spent a lot of time in the last while exploring the Quantum Universe, The Law of Attraction and Manifestation. In this process I have discovered some rather interesting information that has shaken my world to the very core and made me face a huge amount of darkness and embrace a huge amount of light within myself.

Firstly – There are only two base emotions that exist in this reality: Love and Fear, and that each of these emotions is “ruled”, for want of a better word, by two aspects of ourselves; Our Higher Spiritual Selves and our Ego.

Love, ruled by our Higher Selves, is the emotion that expands, that includes that spreads joy and peace, that doesn’t judge, that embraces and heals. Fear, ruled by our Ego, is the emotion that contracts, judges, separates, creates division, anger, pain and suffering, that harms.

This understanding allowed me to realise that right and wrong are subjective judgements, as are light and dark, good and evil and all other words and concepts that separate, they are based in Ego consciousness and fear.

So, coming back to the main topic of this article, I realised that when we are accusing others of being charlatans, we are acting out of fear and ego – we don’t know what that person’s path is or why they are doing what they are doing – every single one of us has our own path to divinity.

For some that may include raping others, or stealing, or murdering, for others it may be learning to embrace self-love, or unconditional love and forgiveness through a rape, or witnessing a murder, for some the forced removal of property leads to them realising that they are loved when friends and others arrive to support and embrace them.

Some souls have incarnated here in this time to sacrifice themselves to bring an out-pouring of love from the witnesses – think for example of the Holocaust (Jewish, Gay and other “undesirable” elements in Hitler’s thinking at that time), the Salem Witch Trials and other situations too many to count. Even the natural disasters, hurricanes, tornados and tsunami’s. If these situations had not developed, all the acts of self-sacrifice and heroism that were shown in these times would not have been possible, the out-pouring of love not possible, the healing not possible, the love and joy not possible.

We live in a dualistic and holographic universe, everything has an opposite and everything repeats upward and downward so what we see and experience in the world around us, helps us to see and experience higher and lower levels of awareness. The only truth that it is true is that which never changes. As we experience pain, we are called to experience healing, as we experience fear, we are called to experience love.

If there was no war there would be no need for peacemakers, if there were no disease, there would be no need for healers, if there were no pain, there would be no way for us to embrace our divinity and rise above the pain that surrounds us.

A Spiritual Master does not have a peaceful life because nothing “bad” happens around them or to them, in fact Spiritual Masters very often have more reason to “suffer” than any-one else – some are even crucified, burnt at the stake, made destitute. A Spiritual Master has a peaceful life because they see the divinity in all things and are able to function from a place of love in all instances, regardless of what is happening around them.

Everything that happens, happens in Divine Order; nothing is a “mistake”, everything is as a result of what we have individually drawn into our space, or collectively collaborated in creating universally.   The sooner we realise this and take responsibility for it, the sooner we are able to do something about it.

If you think about it realistically. There are murderers, rapists, paedophiles, charlatans, thieves, demons, angels and all manner of “evil” and “divine” beings all around us all the time – in traffic, in the shopping malls, even sometimes in our homes. The reason they do not impact us is because we are not a vibrational match to their energy, they literally can’t see us, and we can’t see them.

All of the above points obviously also include people you admire, people you respect and people you love, situations that highlight joy, peace and love. When you feel the joy of the situation, ask yourself what is it that this person is demonstrating that I am not embracing within myself. Am I beauty, attractiveness, divine, patient, loving?

So what do you do, as a person on the path to enlightenment, when these situations are shown to you:

  • When a situation develops, both positive or negative, know you have drawn this into your awareness – ask yourself what is being shown to you to embrace and accept within yourself. You are responsible for energetically summoning this demon, this love, this respect, this pain, this healing. You have the responsibility of embracing it and loving it.
  • Look with-in to the charlatan, the guru, the arrogance inside of you, accept it, see the gifts in it, and release it. Think about it….you may be convinced that you are on the path to being enlightened – are there not people, who are not in the same space as you, that may consider you a charlatan – and realise that this is their interpretation not yours. And that you are also making the judgement about someone else.
  • Give the gift of the blessing to all in the situation:
    • o I bless (the “victim”) who is suffering
    • o I bless (the “antagonist”) who is causing the suffering
    • o I bless (the witnesses – including yourself) who is witnessing the suffering

This article is not meant to judge anyone, but rather to point out and embrace the way I perceive the way things work and hopefully bring love and healing to the situation so we can all go onward in a space of love and healing to fulfilling our individual paths…Once again I would like to thank the people who have brought this into my awareness and brought the revelations and insights so clearly into focus for me.

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About Kevin : Kevin

Kevin is largely self-taught and has been initiated as a High Priest – he now runs the Circle of the Solo Moon where he focuses on educating and supporting solitary witches in the search for their own path and truth. He is also a qualified Usui Reiki Shoyo Reiki Master and Pellowah Healing Practitioner.  He is a psychic, intuitive healer and does Tarot guided readings and transformation processes for his clients.  Kevin runs various life changing courses including “Embracing the Shadow” and “Learning to read the Tarot”.  Kevin’s passion lies in teaching others to accept and love themselves, find their passion, embrace forgiveness and being whole in their own truth.





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