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Kids Yoga, what is all the fuss about?

First of all, Kids Yoga is not something that is new, in fact, it’s been around for thousands of years, OK, we may not have been in a classroom with multi coloured yoga mats and cool music playing but the things that we practice in a kids yoga class kids are things that kids have been doing since they were born.

Now this doesn’t mean that there is no need to take your children to kids yoga or do yoga with your children .. on the contrary, we need kids yoga more than ever.

That’s a pretty big statement, but one that I stand by and here is a quick overview of why.

Children are perfect, they breathe perfectly, they do not judge, they are non-competitive, they are non-violent, they see no race, culture or disability, these are all learned from us grownups.

They are always growing, learning even when the ‘fail’ they are still perfect because they are moving forward, they do not get stuck, stagnant and love to be outside of the comfort zone. Yes again the ability to stay in a steady, comfortable way of life that limits our growth is once again learned from us big people !

Kids also know how to do one thing that we as adults somehow have lost the ability to do in every moment of the day……..which is to have FUN or be in Joy. Happiness or Joy is the number one buster of depression, mental illness, physical illness/disease,

You see contrary to popular belief Kids yoga is not about sitting still and Ohming and finding that place of stillness, or what we call the zone. Kids are in the zone or in the moment already, yes you guessed it, it’s us grownups that teach them how to come out of that moment and out go the zone.

Our focus in kids yoga is to help children stay in that zone or in that moment so as they grow up they can use this to navigate this through the most stressful of situations.

The point I’m making about kid’s yoga is that we are simply helping children to be who they naturally are. We are helping the leaders of tomorrow to move beyond our programming, to be confident in who they are and what they are here to do.

Yes, they will stay flexible, physically and mentally healthy, they will get better academic grades, be less likely to get behaviour referrals and doing this whilst having fun, all of the above proven in the many scientific studies we have of kids yoga that is now available.

However as I started out by saying this isn’t anything ‘new’ to children but it sure is a new way for the world of grownups to be.

So maybe, just maybe if we can keep the child alive inside as those children grow into adulthood we will have a generation of leaders who’s prime goal is to be happy, at peace whilst being kind to themselves and each other.

That is what all the fuss is about

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