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The first Colour Therapy course I ever did, changed my relationship with colour in a profound way. I actually arrived the first day, wearing all black. Ok! To be fair I did have neon orange socks under the boots (black) that I was wearing, but nothing that could be seen with the naked eye. Black had been my staple colour since I was able to choose and buy my own clothes. Interestingly enough, I did learn along my journey with colour, that many people sensitive to energy, subconsciously choose black as it is a very protective colour and creates a barrier between you and lower vibrational energies.

What many people don’t realise is that we all have a relationship to colour and until we understand it, most of the time it’s subconscious. We choose colours that inherently our body, mind or soul needs, and these colours can support us in ways we never imagined.

The Magic of Colour course was developed by Penni Du Plessis (www.divinespace.co.za) and it takes you on a three day journey in which you learn about the properties (positive and negative) of each colour, and how to do 1,3, or 9 bottle readings. The client chooses from an array of bottles of oils and sprays by going for the colour/s that draw their attention. You are guided in your choice on a soul level, as our soul / higher self knows what we inherently need to work on. These readings are incredibly insightful and take you on a journey. Each bottle you pick is a message from your higher self and will help you in your growth. Each day of the course deepens your understanding of colour and your own personal evolvement, because as you gain understanding, so you already begin to shift. The colours give you information and insight into the emotional, physical and mental parts of you, and after the reading, you choose a colour to work with and support you. These oils and sprays can be used on your body, on the relevant chakra, in your bath, or sprayed in your aura. They help to release any imbalances, gently so that your life flows more freely and easily.

Once I started on my journey, my relationship with colour changed dramatically. I still wear a fair amount of black, but I always punctuate it with something of colour, whether it be a shirt, scarf or even just a crystal pendant. For example, when I am teaching, I wear something turquoise as this is the colour of communication to many. When I need to be creative, orange is the colour I go for, as this inspires creativity. I use yellow when I need to focus and I try to wear something red when doing exercise, as red energises us and gives us vitality. These are just a few very basic examples of how I now use colour in my life, but there are a myriad of ways to do this, and the affect is astounding.

I have been teaching this course for over two years now and I’m still blown away when I see the impact it has on students and how something seemingly so simple as a colour can help your life improve in a variety of ways. There are no prerequisites for doing this course – you do not need to be a therapist or even working with clients. I have had a couple of artists who did the course and their entire style of painting changed for the better when their relationship with colour changed.

If you would like to invite the magic of colour into your life, and would like more information please contact me at angela@angels-touch.co.za or Penni at penni@divinespace.co.za


Angela Whitehouse is a holistic practitioner and teacher. She runs an Holistic Healing and training Centre in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg. Her sessions and courses include Reiki, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Tarot, Access Bars, Spiritual, Psychic and Mediumship development. She has been practicing for 9 years and teaching for 4.

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