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Deep love meditation

Deep Love Meditation – WOW Experiment

Taken from The Mystery Experience by Tim Freke

Becoming deep awake is an experience of deep love, which enables us to embrace our ambiguous humanity just as it is.  Here I want to invite you to embrace all the people in your life with deep love… to open your heart so big it can hold everyone within it … to expand the love you feel until it has no limits.

Here we are.  You and me and everyone.  All together on this astonishing journey of life.  Each one of us is a unique expression of the mystery of being.  Each one of us is an imperfect human being.  And when we feel the deep love we can embrace ourselves and each other as we are.  We can connect in love and care for one another.  We can hold each other by the hand and walk each other home.

When I am deep awake it’s obvious that love is what really matters in life.  I recently came across a wonderful quote from Professor Jacques Decour that really captures the importance of love in a very inspiring way.  He was executed by the Nazis at the age of 32 for his activity in the French Resistance in the Second World War.  As he was waiting for death he wrote a beautiful letter to his family which is extraordinarily moving. Here’s what he said:

Now each of us is preparing to die… We are preparing, thinking about what is to come, about what is going to kill us without our being able to do anything to defend ourselves… This is truly the moment for us to remember love.  Did we love enough?  Did we spend hours a day marvelling at other people, being happy together, feeling the value of contact, the weight and the worth of hands, eyes, bodies?  Do we yet really know how to devote ourselves to tenderness?  Before we pass away in the trembling of an earth without hope, it is time to become, entirely and definitely, love, tenderness, and friendship, because there is nothing else.  We must swear to think of nothing any more but loving, opening our souls and our hands, looking with our best eyes, clasping what we love tightly to ourselves, walking free from anxiety and radiant with affection.

Expansive Love
Our next WOW experiment offers a way of coming ‘to devote ourselves to tenderness’.  It involves using the imagination to expand the love we feel to include everyone and everything.  It is similar to the Buddhist ‘loving kindness’ meditation.  I call this practice ‘deep love meditation’.  As before, I’ll describe what happens for me when I experiment with this practice, then you can try it for yourself.

Previously I’ve encouraged you to practise ‘wondering, entering and presencing’, as a way of awakening during your everyday life. I’ve suggested you build a strong foundation for your journey of awakening by also regularly practising ‘deep awake meditation’ in which you ‘dissolve’ into the mystery of being.  This ‘deep love mediation’ is a practice that you can use from time to time to root your experience of awakening in love.

I am sitting quietly with my eyes closed and my body relaxed.

I am wondering at the miracle of life and coming into a state of profound not-knowing.

I am entering the sensual flow of my breath.

I am presencing the experience of breathing.

Breathing In Oneness and Breathing Out Love
As I breathe in I am focusing on the oneness of being.

As I breathe out I feel love expanding out from my heart into the world.

Loving Someone Close
Now I’m bringing to mind someone I find it easy to love

Today this is my gorgeous wife Debbie.

I am becoming conscious of how much I love her.

I am remembering how it feels in my body to love deeply.

And as I do so the experience of love is arising within me.

I am enjoying bathing in the warm glow of love.

Loving a Stranger
Now I am bringing to mind someone I’ve never thought about loving.

I’m thinking of the man who came to fix our washing machine.

I don’t know anything about him… but I am expanding my love to include the repairman.

I don’t love him in the same way I love Debbie, because I don’t have a personal relationship with the repairman.

But I’m conscious that he is a human being whose life is full of joy and suffering… just like me.

I’m conscious that at the depths of his identity lies the same mystery of being that lies at the depths of my identity.

I’m remembering the practice of connecting “I to I’ with someone I don’t know and how easily strangers become lovers.

I am loving the repairman and that feels good.

Loving an ‘Enemy”
Now I’m bringing to mind someone who I’ve exiled from my heart because they’ve hurt me in the past.

I don’t have enemies… but there certainly have been people I’ve found it hard to love.

I am thinking of someone… but I’m not going to tell you who it is because that’s not fair on this person.

As I allow them into my imagination I can feel the past hurt that makes me want to close my heart.

But I am staying conscious and letting these feelings pass.

I can see that this person is a wounded human being wrestling with their shadow … just like me.

I’m remembering that this person was once an innocent little child… and I can see that below the surface they still are.

I can’t forget what they’ve done, but I can forgive.

I am opening my heart to this person as a manifestation of the mystery of being.

I am conscious that at the depths of our identity we are one.

I may not like this person or approve of how they act… but deep love is unconditional love that transcends liking and disliking.

I am loving for no reason.

I am loving because it is my deep nature to love.

Loving Myself
Now I’m bringing to mind Tim.

Like most people I find that the most difficult person to love unconditionally is myself… and that’s because I know what I’m really like.

I am remembering all the things I find difficult about Tim.

I am conscious that on the surface Tim in an imperfect human being… vulnerable and wounded.

I am conscious of the deep self where there is an all-embracing love.

In my imagination I am holding Tim within my arms like a frightened child and soothing him.

I am loving Tim with all his glorious flaws..  just as he is… because he is.

Loving All
Now I am bringing to mind everyone and everything.

I am expanding my love to embrace all that is.

I love all being as expressions of the great mystery of being.

This is a love so big it has no limits.

I am loving all…. Because all is one.

I am loving because I am love.

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