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When the world is spinning around us and we feel like we have nowhere to hide, how do we even find the time to find that inner peace that we so long for?  Why is it that we allow ourselves to be swept away with the tide of negative thought and emotion and never give ourselves the opportunity to just breath?

When surrendering our power to outside influences of negativity and allowing outdated belief-systems to overtake all rational thought-process, it’s very difficult to disengage.  It’s very difficult to separate ourselves from our illusions and the illusions of others, for as human beings we tend to operate through our tribes rather than individually.  And because of this, being swept away with the crowd happens sometimes, without our even knowing it!

As we find ourselves winding down towards the festive season, we should all be taking a deep breath and consciously stop ourselves from trying to push to get too much done before 2015 runs out!

Thank you so much for all your positive feedback on my Spirit Connection communications – it’s always great to hear from you.

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