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The following piece is an extract from http://www.esolibris.com/articles/reality/esoteric_theory.php I am publishing it without permission from the author and will gladly take it down should Spirit Connection be in violation of any copyright. However, I found it so interesting, that I couldn’t resist. I hope you do to and that perhaps you’ll be inspired to click on the link above and purchase a copy of the book.

Alex Paterson examines the growing confluence between esoteric knowledge and the recent findings of Quantum physics, especially with regard to the essential oneness pervading the Universe.

Esoteric Theory is an ancient and perennial alternative hypothesis as to the nature of reality to that held by most people in Western society. By definition, Esoteric means “intelligible to initiates only” and through the auspices of that process esoteric theory has survived largely intact throughout human history.

Esoteric theory postulates that the physical Universe as perceived by humans’ five senses is but just a tiny aspect of a far more complex and vaster total ‘reality’. The basic tenet of esoteric theory is that a ‘Universal Consciousness’ associated with a single infinite entity or ‘Creative Principle’ underlies all reality, of which the physical Universe is but just an aspect. Esoteric theory has a number of basic tenets which can be summarised as follows:

All reality (Universe), including the infinite un-manifested potential known as the void, is simply an expression of the Creative Principle (or GOD for want of a better word). As such, the Universe is an undivided, infinite whole. This concept implies an essential ‘Oneness’ pervading all reality and an unbroken interconnectedness between all the so-called ‘separate’ parts thereof.

Implicit in the concept of an undivided wholeness is the notion that the Universal Consciousness is totally conscious of itself, and all the so-called parts comprising it.

The Creative Principle (God) is infinite, meaning the Universe is infinitely multi-dimensional, has no beginning, no end and no limits and that ‘time’ as perceived in humans is just an illusion for the purpose of experience in this realm. This concept is simply beyond the perception or comprehension of most humans incarnating at this point in ‘time’.

At its essence ALL reality is consciousness or mind. (the ‘Mind of God’ so to speak) Thus, although the physical Universe appears to be made up of ‘solid’ matter, in reality matter is nothing more than an expression of ‘thought’. Quantum physics is knocking on the door of this startling concept associated with the ‘Observer Effect’ which states “there is no phenomenon until it is observed”.

The consciousness underlying all reality implies that the Universe has purpose, even if that purpose is beyond the perception or understanding of human consciousness.

The Physical Universe is an expression of the Creative Principle (thought) in the form of a vast, interconnected energy field. Physical matter is just coalesced or slowed down energy in accordance with Einstein’s famous formula:
E = mC2 where E = energy, m = mass, C = speed of light

Fundamental to the Physical Universe is experience from the perspective of a limited awareness as to the true identity of the points of consciousness (souls) comprising it, that being that they are God and as such are never really separate from their Source (God). In other words, the perception of individual consciousness (ego) and the attended perception of separateness associated with the Physical Universe is really just an illusion (maya) for the Creative Spirit to experience Separation and Companionship. Implicit in this notion is the birthright of all souls to return eventually to an un-manifested state of perfect being. This concept is simply beyond the perception or comprehension of most humans incarnating at this point in ‘time’.

The Physical Universe is defined by limits based on duality. (e.g. hot versus cold, here versus there, up versus down etc.) and linear time (past – present – future etc.) These ‘limits’ are subject to ‘rules’ such as the laws of physics to define them. However, these ‘rules’ have no reality in themselves, they simply exist because all points of consciousness in this realm ‘agree’ to their existence for the purpose of experience, hence the ability of some humans to actually operate outside the ‘rules’ and perform so called miracles. (e.g. Jesus of Nazareth, Yuri Geller, Sai Baba and countless others etc)

At its essence, the only thing that is ‘real’ is the creative principle itself, which is beyond form, time or limits. In other words, GOD just IS.

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