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Devote Yourself to Yourself

Over the last few months, it seems that a pattern in my messages has started to emerge…that of change, lots of change, happening to me as well as so many people that I know!

Whilst change is rather frightening and a lot of us don’t deal with change very readily and easily, I have to say that I’m finding it so exciting. So I’ll share this with you – this year is the big 6! What better way for me to celebrate than to throw out the old and invite in the new. What I’m doing is seriously devoting myself to the rest of my life and I can honestly tell you that it has to be the most liberating thing that I have ever embarked on!

Of course hindsight is 20/20 vision, but I have to take this opportunity to tell anyone who will listen – don’t wait until your life is almost over before you devote yourself to yourself. I almost feel like this should be a compulsory subject at school. And while it sounds like it should be quite a simple thing to do, it’s really difficult. We spend so much of our time, devoting ourselves to our families, our jobs, our various social commitments and our friends, that we almost always forget to factor ourselves into the equation. Actually, I find this quite sad. Why is it that we neglect ourselves? Why is it that we forget how important it is for us to love ourselves? Yes, I know that a lot of our programming in early life comes from outside influences and so a huge part of how we see ourselves comes too from outside.

But, there has to come a time, when the penny finally drops, when we finally get that great aha moment and realise that we come first. That we need to set limitations on how we allow people to treat us and if those limitations are overstepped, then we need to speak up for ourselves. No-one is going to do it for you and why should they? It’s a lot about taking complete responsibility for one’s own happiness. How is it possible for you to feel fulfilled in your life when you’re not topping yourself up on a daily basis? How is it possible for you to completely be there for others, when you’re not completely there for yourself?

My message to everyone today is this : Strive to always think of yourself first and in a good, kind and compassionate way. Believe in yourself and your capabilities but even more importantly believe in your self-worth. Don’t allow anyone to strip that away from you. See yourself as the true and beautiful being that you are – created in the image of our Father/Mother God – absolute pure, truth and perfection.


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