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Everything is an illusion

If everything is just an illusion, how we do know what is real? Have you ever stopped to think about this? How is it possible for us to discern the difference between what is real and what isn’t?

It’s a question of perception and awareness. For what we perceive our world to be, is our reality, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true albeit that for us, it makes it real. We must always remember that what we pay attention to, we become conscious of and in turn what we become conscious of, becomes our reality for that is where we are placing our awareness.

Placing your awareness on the bad points in someone, will only bring that to the fore and make you constantly conscious of those bad points. But, placing your awareness on the good in that same person, makes you constantly conscious of the good and that becomes a much easier and comfortable reality to deal with.

The Bhagadvadgita tells us that when light and discernment dawn in this body, as well as in the mind and senses, then one should know that Sattva is predominant. Sattva draws one to joy and is illumination and flawlessness.

Being pure of heart, mind and spirit is the route to discerning the difference between what is real and what isn’t. Questioning our motives, our thoughts and our actions, keeps us on that path of discernment. Treating everyone with loving kindness will always ensure that we receive the same which is a result of being pure of heart, mind and spirit.

Life is a journey, but we were never meant to swim upstream. Go with the flow rather than kicking against it. And that doesn’t mean, just accepting everything around you.   However, it is possible to go with the flow, and still be in total control of your own life and destiny all at the same time. Make this journey of yours fun, exciting and filled with passion. Keep top of mind that your perception creates your reality through what you pay attention to. Make sure that what you pay attention to is worthy of your becoming conscious of. Make sure that the reality that you create for yourself is one that is worthy of your effort and your energy.   And just as importantly, make sure that the reality that you create for yourself is beneficial to both yourself and the people around you. Keep that positive circle of life moving and flowing with kindness, love, acceptance, joy, happiness and passion – heaven only knows how much we need it!

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