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If you’re struggling with your life and particularly your personal development, because you feel like you’re just staying stagnant in the same place, and not actually moving forward – have you ever considered that there is a possibility that you may be trying too hard?

I so often get messages from Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit, for my clients, to say that they shouldn’t try so hard.  That they should just allow things to flow.  And I think they are right.

Most of us are so doggedly trying to control our lives that we spend precious hours focusing just on controlling everything.  Where they precious hours could be spent living!  What I’m saying here is that to try to control every single aspect in your life is a recipe for disaster.  You’re setting yourself up for failure even before you’ve properly started.  And why I say this, is that it is absolutely impossible to be in control of everything around you and every aspect of everything that you do.

And in doing this, our energy is directed at how we’re doing such a bad job of our lives – it is focused on forever trying to manage every outcome and every interaction and every thought and every aspects of every relationship – and so we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to surrender into our lives and enjoy the ride.  We don’t have to be in the drivers’ seat all the time.  And in fact it’s not possible.

When you are driving down the road and someone cuts in front of you, you can have two reactions.  You can smile and blow them a kiss and wish them well on their way, or you can get upset and shout at them (even thought they can’t hear you) and then in turn allow your mood to affect the way you drive, and you feel your blood pressure rising and you start to drive faster and just want everyone out of your way and eventually you arrive at your destination with a headache and so angry you can’t interact with the next person in a friendly and calm and relaxed manner.  Shew, even typing that up was hard work!

It is really hard work to feel anxious and tense all the time.  And it’s not to say that you just allow your life to carry on with no direction and absolutely no control over it.  What I’m saying is that for your own sanity to need to be selective in which battles you allow yourself to become embroiled.  Those things that you have absolutely no control over, let them go.  Please don’t take them onboard and carry them around with you from pillar to post.

And in turn, those things that you can control, do so with gratitude and with enthusiasm for a great enjoyable and fulfilling life for yourself.  Engage with the Universe (which is the Universal Consciousness) in a way that you use the creative energy within the universe to your benefit.  Be very specific in terms of what you want for your life, and send that message out into the Universal Consciousness – this is where every thought ever thought, every idea ever devised, every plan ever made, every dream ever dreamed, resides and we have the ability to tap into those thoughts, ideas, plans and dreams.  And use them to our benefit.

Essentially this lifetime that you are currently is not going to be yours for eternity.  You are here for a designated number of years and you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you are almost at the end of your life and you find yourself with regrets over how much time you spent focusing energy on things that were not important and how you spent so little of your time focusing on the things that were.

I read this beautiful poem the other day and thought I’d share it here :

If I had known

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