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Families – Fragile Eco System

I was reminded again today just how fragile our families are and how easily just one small thing can happen to split them apart.  So I’ve been thinking that our families actually are very comparable to a fragile eco system.  It’s so important that everything is kept completely in balance in order to maintain peace and harmony throughout that eco system.

Say for instance, in our planet’s eco system, we need rain in order to keep the right amount of water flowing throughout the planet, watering our vegetation in order to have food to eat and oxygen to breathe.  And if we liken rain to love, then we can so easily see that when our families don’t receive the exact amount of love that they need from each other, the life support system can very easily be interrupted and everything falls apart.

If we think about what each person in our family requires from us, essentially we all require the exact same thing.  Therefore, if you think about what it is that you require from your family, then you’ll be able to relate and ensure that you give to them exactly what it is that you need.

We all need just the perfect amount of love.  The perfect amount of recognition.  The perfect amount of attention.  The perfect amount of validation.  The perfect amount of respect.  The perfect amount of caring.  The perfect amount of support.  The perfect amount of a sense of belonging and a sense of worthiness.  We also all need the perfect amount of acknowledgement for when we’re going through a difficult time, in terms of being understood and not being judged.  Or at the very least, the perfect amount of trying to relate to the other’s feelings at that particular time, no matter what your own personal opinion is.  We all need to remember that what we perceive is our reality and so when someone in your family is experiencing difficult times, be that depression or just feeling down, worthless etc, compassion and empathy is so important for us to be showing them.

If we’re able to maintain all of the above, then we’re able to keep our family eco system in balance and working at a level where everyone benefits.  Because it really is all about give and take.  We need to be giving as much as we take and recognise that we are all takers and more often than not, we take more from those that we love than we do from other people.  We also expect so much more of the people that we love, our beautiful perfect families that were given to us to walk our spiritual path with.  And we very often take them for granted in ways that we would never think to treat other people outside of our family.

Think of your family and ask yourself if you’re giving them everything that you should be.  Think about what your input is and if you are a joy to be with.  Remind yourself every day of how precious all the people in your family are to your family environment and actually just how much you love them and how much they love you.  Forgive more easily than you do.  Forget more easily than you do.  Love more freely than you do, without condition and without expectation.  For when you do, you will see that everything that you give will come back to you possibly in ways that you never ever thought it could.  Recognise that your family are essentially the only people that you have that you can truly count on, so make sure that for them, they know that you can be counted on at every turn.  That you will always be there to support them and love them, and that you hold yourself accountable for the contribution of positive energy that goes into the upkeep of your family eco system.  The rewards will soon become visible.  Don’t wait until you’ve lost a family member to acknowledge the huge part that they play in your life.  Don’t wait until you’ve lost a family member to acknowledge how much you love them and more importantly let them know that you love them and that you appreciate the value that they add to your life.  You know that they will return all that love and appreciation tenfold!

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