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In life we often need guidance, direction and clarification. Tarot card reading is a means of defining this and providing the information that you need.

The inclination and/or belief that Tarot card reading is ‘fortune telling’ is a misinterpretation of the actual task of the cards. They provide answers for the sitter, also direct the reader towards possible conclusion and the outcome – if the querant notes the advice and direction given and acts on it.

The cards cannot do that for you. It is up to the individual to understand this before having their Tarot cards read. I had a querant who was stressed about a new position he’d just taken up.

I did a Career Tarot spread for him and in effect, afterwards he said he felt much less tense about the situation, as the cards had indicated to him the problems he was experiencing, and how they would be resolved, and what actions to take.

I so like assisting people with the readings – it is really gratifying and very fulfilling for me. Things are not written in stone – situations and issues can change on a daily basis, and they very often do, much to our consternation/delight/bewilderment.

If I genuinely feel I have assisted a person in clarifying and understanding their situation/concerns/hopes/desires, I am so very pleased to have done this successfully.

To have guidance of this sort, I would say, is heaven-sent. Suffice also to say Tarot is a friend, a confidant and a force that is there for the good of everybody. It does not make choices based on standing in society nor does it discriminate who it is acting for. I am making Tarot sound like a living thing – to me it is.

The other aspect of accurate Tarot reading is to go through a process of ‘preparing’ yourself for a successful reading. I was taught from the beginning to imagine red roots coming up from the ground, into your feet, up into the heart area, enclosing  yourself in a white light, mix it with the root colour, which will turn pink, then send a shaft of pink light to your querant.

Also ‘see’ the Third Eye in your conscious mind and call on your Guide/s for assistance in the reading. Once you have gone through this process, you are in a heightened psychic state of mind to receive messages and or visions pertaining to the querant.

In order to see visions, I concentrate on following a ‘path’ if you will and continue until I see images which I can describe to the sitter. Usually they relate to my visions which is gratifying. There are many varied spreads, but the one which I use most frequently is the Celtic Cross.

This is a general spread and covers quite a wide area of information, guidance, assistance and outcome. Most times I use eleven cards for a full reading, but at times when I feel we need more clarification and information I will do a three-card spread either side of the original reading.

This gives me more insight into the general message the cards are relaying to me. If the querant requests a photograph of the spread I provide this with pleasure. Also I do type up notes after the reading and email them onto the client.

This is a good way of keeping track of events and making personal notes on the written report. I also voice-record all readings and can forward this to the client if they so wish.

As you can see, this is a passion of mine.

Take care dear people


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