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February 2018 Numerology Insights

Feel, then you can deal with it and heal! We’re getting an unequal shot at it this month as we’re exposed to the watery energy of feeling, particularly during this water year. It’s a double whammy or a major opportunity, depending on where you’re at energetically on the continuum, to connect with your authentic emotional content. Naturally the major arena of interest is relationships; the closer they are the greater your exposure to a true reflection of your deep, if mostly unconscious, perspectives determining your experiences. Gloomy and defensive reactions hold are keys to unlocking that which threatens to swamp you. An open heart, willing to explore the tides of your sensitivities is a constructive approach, clearing the way to evolve through and past what’s generated the paradigm. Nurture all aspects of Self, beginning with your home and all who share it. Be gentle and kind, especially to yourself.

 Birth Month      Your Theme

Jan & Oct      Gather information, studying the art of being in control of your emotions, using optimism as a driving force. Be ambitious in all aspects; become the sergeant-major rallying troops to effectively yet cheerfully manage desired outcomes. Get organized.

Feb & Nov      Drama is a sure sign you’re avoiding dealing with reality; it’s time for paradigm shifting, restructuring outdated ways of handling feelings. If you’re having exciting times, with veils being cleared from your vision, you’re right on track. Face the truth!

Mar & Dec      Anticipate rapid expansion, that may leave your head spinning during this busy, breezy, light and social time. Stalk criticism, use yoga breath to steady and ground. Juggling is demanded, banish over-analysing, allow free flow. Trust quantum leaps.

April      It’s all about the heart, digging deep into passion in whatever form feels good for you. Let love be the determining factor. Energize your social life, invest in your interests, be generous, embrace beauty and pleasure. Time in nature works wonders.

May      It’s necessary to withdraw, allowing stillness to speak to what’s held deep within the secret sanctum of your heart. Dreams are vital steps to manifesting heart’s desire, but beware illusions. Karmic contracts come up for consideration and completion. Feel!

June     Endings, which contain within them the seeds of beginnings are upon you. Clear any weeds that cling, holding you back from making space for roots to grow in rich soil. Money, property, work; the stuff of feeling stable in your daily life demand attention.

July     Observing the perfect mirror that is present in all inter-personal relating presents a profound opening for transformation. Likewise heartfelt forgiveness and allowing in a child-like innocent way. Be sure to lighten up, be in the moment and play aplenty.

August     Forge fresh connections, putting yourself out there, making yourself known in a bold assertive manner. Aggression is not the answer, but taking ownership and leading the way pays dividends. Work on self-confidence. Take calculated risks to move ahead.

September     Pay close attention to insecurities and fears, allowing perceptions to speak of aspects asking for tender loving care and need to be nurtured. Gravitate to family and close friends to give and receive shelter from the storm. Allow your nest be a comfort.

Athelé is a psychic who uses more than fifteen years experience in blending various powerful and well tested divination cards with six different numerology codes, in a unique way, to give readings of exceptional accuracy and detail. Readings may be general or used to answer specific questions and offer insight and guidance when clients are at a crossroads, or feeling stuck at any point in their lives. As a qualified metaphysics teacher and consciousness coach her readings are notable for providing a depth of insight into clear confirmation of each client’s unique soul journey – from description of essence of character, including ways of responding to life, particular gifts (both realized and potential) to challenges and how best these may be overcome in their journey to personal evolution. 

Clients are invited to record sessions for later reference and to take photographs of all the cards that come up, with detailed meanings for later inspiration and affirmations that generate a greater sense of personal power and well being. Also offered are notes on specific exercises that catapult gaining personal power as well as brief but comprehensive information on past, present and following year energy trends to assist clients in understanding and working with their own Flow. Author of the acclaimed book “Figuring Out Father”, Athelé has an empathy around the dynamics of troubled relationships, their original source and the opportunities for personal growth they represent. Please CLICK HERE to visit her web page for more detailed information on the scope of her work, current client’s testimonials and radio interviews.

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