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Let Music Feed your Soul

You can’t buy happiness, but you can listen to music and it’s almost the same thing!

I read this somewhere and have always loved it!  Music is so good for us. It is the most universal language we have.  It can bring us all together and unite us like nothing else I know.  From the great creators of music, composers such as Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Debussy and Wagner, to name just a few all the way through to legendary rock artists like Queen, The Rolling Stones, Pink Flloyd, Led Zelppelin, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Procol Harem, Nirvana, The Doors – the list can go on and on.  And of course, depending on your taste in music, you’ll agree or disagree who is a great musician, but essentially, music is played all around the world and everyone can relate to various music on different levels.

Music has the capacity to change our moods.  It has the capacity to bring about emotions and is highly recommended by psychologists all the around the world, to help lift people out of depressive states of mind.  Of course, there’s always the polar opposite, where music can incite aggression and intense feelings of negativity too.  But today, I want to talk about good, upbeat, relaxing, mood enhancing, amazing beautiful music.

When meditating, one just has to listen to some of the great classical pieces, and at once, you can be taken into another world.  A world where you can feel so completely connected to the universal consciousness in a way that is difficult to explain.  These amazing classical pieces take our brains into an alpha state of consciousness which is that state where you’re just about to a fall asleep and the entire body and mind is completely relaxed.  So too can beautiful pieces of Gregorian chanting or Native American chanting – it has the same affect.  Those of us who use or have used music to meditate to, can attest to how much information can be ‘downloaded’ from Spirit, in just a few moments of complete silence of the mind, and attuning to the sounds of various musical instruments playing in harmony and resulting in absolute calm and connection.

For those who struggle to sleep at night, listening to beautiful pieces of music can bring about the same state and assist in falling asleep.  Even the sound of rain falling softly against our windows, creates a rhythmic sound that brings about the alpha state of mind and assists in falling asleep or attaining a heightened sense of consciousness to take one into a deep meditation.

Let music be what connects you to your soul.  Make sure that you have at least some part of your day where you listen to music that feeds your soul.  Not music chosen by some DJ on some random radio station where interruptions of adverts and people talking happens every few minutes, but to music of your own choice played for you by you and you only.

I’d love to know if you do this every day or if you start doing it, does it change the way you feel overall.  You can contact me glynis@spiritconnection.co.za

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