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Free Speech – Expressing your Truth

In my first article I posted on Spirit Connection, I mentioned how I’d been for a Reiki session with a friend. She noted that my sacral and throat chakras were blocked. I worked quite deeply on my sacral chakra after that, and am continuing to, but something I’ve found challenging is working out how to unblock my throat chakra. She said I needed to express my truth more. I couldn’t fully understand that, but I knew intuitively it was the case. I actually thought I was a bit too expressive, especially in writing. Writing is a great way for me to express my truth. It flows easier than speech. I worried that I often said too much. How could I express my truth even more? I didn’t want to sprout out all my private thoughts and feelings and regret it later.

So, how do we learn to free up our throat chakras and express our truth? And why is it so important?

Let’s look at the why. Self-love. We deserve to express ourselves to show that we matter, that our truth and feelings matter, and that we are worthy of being heard. If we are learning to love ourselves, and yes, it’s an ongoing learning process, we must put ourselves first. We must count ourselves worthy; we must choose to free ourselves from being trapped by our own insecurities and fear of being seen and heard for what we really are. We must know that what we have to say matters. Sure, maybe it won’t mean something to everyone, but we have a voice in this world, and we need to use it. Everyone has a story to tell. We all come from a multitude of different experiences. We have processed the world and our experiences in our own unique way. That way may not resonate with everyone, but it will resonate with someone. We all crave to be understood and valued. Speaking our truth opens the door for this. It can also put us at a risk of being misunderstood and rejected, and I think that may be my greatest fear. But the risk is worth it because we may touch others with our light and our heart, and in turn form a connection, which will touch us back.

I love what Brené Brown says about vulnerability – how the strongest people in the world are the ones who acknowledge that their own vulnerability makes them beautiful. We are so afraid of appearing weak, but when we acknowledge our imperfections or our darkness, and actually embrace and accept those parts of ourselves, we become more integrated and whole as human beings. As soon as I acknowledged and expressed to people that I do suffer from anxiety, and accepted that part of myself, I found people accepted me more. Not always, but I felt more connected and more valued, in general.

Speaking our truth solidifies it our minds and hearts. When we put our thoughts down on paper or online, we strengthen them in our beings. If we speak them out loud to others, they become tangible things. Words have energy and power.

Maybe our words can change a person’s life and heart. We may never know the power of what we say. I see it as a blue ribbon, emanating from our throat chakras, wrapping around the bruised hearts of others, as gentle, soft, soothing bandages.

So, besides opening up about our truths, how else could we open up our throat chakras? Here are a few suggestions, but I’m sure there are many other ways.

  1. Wear blue or put blue décor in your home.
  2. Burn a blue birthday candle (they’re nice because they burn out fast). While watching it, picture your throat chakra opening up and the words flowing out of your being like clear, crystal water. See a light surrounding your throat area and swirling healing energy through it. Place your intention into the flame and believe that your wish has come true when the candle burns out.
  3. Sing. Even if you’re tone deaf or can’t hold a tune, find a private spot, either in nature or in the shower, and let it rip.
  4. Wear or carry a blue crystal like turquoise, lapiz lazuli, aquamarine, or blue tourmaline.
  5. Stand up for yourself and set boundaries. Don’t allow people to bully you into doing or being something that goes against your true self. Have your say, but do it in a diplomatic and kind way as that is more likely to be effective.
  6. Say no, even when it’s hard. If you’re tired, cancel that engagement. Go home when you’ve had enough. Put your own well-being first.
  7. Steer clear of toxic people who don’t allow you to express your truth, but bowl you over with their opinions being the only right thing at all times.
  8. Drink plenty of fresh water. You could even charge your water under the full moon.
  9. Commune with and study birds. Learn from their ability to express themselves freely. Listen to their beautiful music. Talk to them. Maybe even get yourself a bird as a pet.
  10. Chant some self-building affirmations. There are so many online, or even better, create your own.

One of the hardest things for me is to continue to speak my truth. When my heartbreaking divorce happened, I expressed my pain on social media. Maybe sometimes not in a wise way, but I needed to. Two years later, I still express things about it. I think that some people have grown tired of it. I get the thoughts that they may think I should be over it by now. But, everyone processes things in their own way and time periods. I have grown and healed so much, but I’m still learning more things that I need to heal. I’m not going to hold back from expressing my truth because it helps and heals me. The biggest thing I have learned is my self-worth—how what he did to me has nothing to do with my worthiness and beauty as a human being and a woman. I’ve spoken about things in my blog that may seem quite harsh to some. I’ve criticized stuff in the media, books, contemporary culture, and porn, that make women feel less than amazing and desirable. That is my truth, which I have learned from the pain of my divorce. I will not keep quiet. I suspect some people are offended by the things I share, but I also believe that it’s something that needs to be put out there in the world.

Choose your audience wisely though. There are some people who are or who may never be ready to hear your truth. I have to watch out what I say in front of some family or friends who dislike my involvement in new-age ideas and spiritual practices. I may never be able to tell them all the wonderful things I’ve learned because the way they would respond would hurt me and cause me to be triggered. I have had to deal with religious trauma and that healing still has a way to go. So, I choose my audience wisely. Find the friends who would accept you and hold your space. Discern who is ready to hear what you have to say and don’t judge those who aren’t. They just haven’t reached that point yet in their soul journeys. They are learning a different lesson to you.

So, think about it: What is your truth? What is holding you back from sharing it? Any suggestions on how to open up the throat chakra? I’d love to hear more.

Kathy is a sassy single, homeschooling mom, who gets paid to read and edit amazing stories during the day. She loves writing, reading, crafts, dancing, delving in the world of spirituality and magic, and spending time with family and friends. She used to write mostly romantic fiction, but lately, after some spiritual epiphanies, has been delving in the world of self-help non-fiction writing. You can find her musings at www.kathybosman.com



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