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What if the whole world was suddenly placed at your feet and every decision that you made had a massive effect on absolutely everything and everyone in the world? That is a huge responsibility and one that we couldn’t ever begin to contemplate!

However, break that image in your head down all the way until you can begin to imagine your own world which consists of your family, friends, colleagues and everyone with whom you come into contact, whether it’s the lady at the checkout at the supermarket or the gentleman who so kindly fills your tank with petrol. Then picture within your mind, you being totally responsible for that world and every decision that you make having a massive effect on absolutely everything and everyone.

Although it’s difficult to imagine, in fact, we are totally responsible for that world or part of the world that belongs to us. Every decision and thought and action that we make and take, does have an effect on everything and everyone around us. And so it is that we should be working every day to keep ourselves focused on the now and so focused that we don’t do anything on auto-pilot. Yes, we will be really tired at the end of the day because of us concentrating on everything every moment of the day. But, isn’t that how it should be? And if we do it often enough, it will become habit and will no longer tire us out. It is said that it only takes seven days to break a habit and the best way to break a habit is to replace one behaviour with another. So, what an amazing and positive change to make for yourself – to replace the behaviour of acting on auto-pilot every day to the behaviour of being totally present in the moment all day every day.

I have often mentioned the one most important rule of the universe and that is “what you pay attention to, you become conscious of.” It is such an important rule to remember and I highly recommend that you place this message up somewhere in your house where you can see it a number of times a day – just as affirmations work when being read a couple of times a day, so this too will become imprinted in your conscious mind and you will, with absolute certainty, become more conscious of the things to which you pay attention. And in this way, you will become very discerning of what you pay attention to.

Here I have taken the liberty of mentioning some dear friends who found that their lives had changed within just one day and that they will never be the same again. I was fortunate enough to be able to be part of watching one of God’s miracles as it unfolded before our very eyes. At this point I want to say thank you to this family for allowing us this privilege. For it is truly a privilege to be a part of watching positive thoughts, prayers and energy in action. I am not at liberty to tell the complete story except to say that the chain of events that happened leading to an incredibly successful outcome was just so amazing for me to experience.

And so this leads me to the question : “What exactly are God’s miracles?” The official description or meaning of the word miracle is ‘an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to divine agency.’ Or ‘a remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences.’

However, if we take the notion that everything is exactly as it should be then, do miracles actually exist? This is quite a difficult question to ponder and certainly one that could spark much discussion. Many of us have been witness on many occasions to miracles as they happen before us and time and again, we have been left almost speechless by the amazing or ‘miraculous’ outcome of that particular situation.

As I write this, I can say that from my personal experience, God’s miracles absolutely are very real. At a point in time I thought that to say that something is a miracle is to say that something has happened that is not what was originally intended and only through requesting divine intervention, we would kind of be given what we asked for. However, as I’ve grown and my thoughts have changed and my knowledge has expanded, I am now totally of the opinion that miracles are there to teach us to have faith. These beautiful souls who have chosen to be the teacher, have taken much responsibility on their shoulders, for they are the ones who go through the physical suffering. But the beauty is that so many people can learn from them and their situation, and therein lies the miracle. I know that we too have been in situations where we have experienced our own miracles, for they don’t always have to be massive to have an impact on us – but, everything that we do that brings about very welcome consequences, can be considered a miracle. For this is the proof that God helps us in everything that we do, whether we believe it or not.

It’s not only in the bigger things that He steps in and takes control. Through our guides and spirit helpers, we are given assistance in everything that we do every single moment of every single day. Even in writing this, I am guided as to what to say and how to say it.

So don’t ever forget that you are a miracle and that miracles happen around us all day. Never forget to say thank you to your teachers for their participation in your life and for allowing you to participate in theirs. May our paths be strewn with miracles and our faith be made stronger every day.

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