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From the Teachings Of Spirit Syrsha

Rev. Stephen Fulton, Trance Medium  “Wisdom and Discerning” Bible Reference: PROVERBS 1:1-7

Seek wisdom. Seek understanding. Seek knowledge. And it will all lead to the guidance of discernment. Wisdom is of very great importance to the Spirit. And it is of great importance in everyone’s life. It does not mean that everyone needs to seek such wisdom as to be like Solomon. But, to seek wisdom is to realize that we are without it. To realize that we are without it sends us on a journey; a journey to understand; a journey to understand the journey of a soul. To seek to understand the journey of your Spirit — which is you — that you might work more firmly in your life in the physical world.

To seek wisdom is to seek understanding. To seek wisdom is the knowledge within that we do not hold wisdom. For if we perceive wisdom in our own words and perceive ourselves to be wise, then wisdom has fled from us. Wisdom is a journey. Wisdom is a process of discovery. Wisdom is that which gives us a great ability to be in touch with God; to be in touch with the spirit of Jesus Christ; to be in touch with all of the forces of all creation; to help us to find the journey; to seek; to understand; to discover.

And in all of this — while each is a lesson unto itself — discerning becomes the important aspect that I would like to speak to you about this morning.

Good morning, my friends. And I hope all of you are well.

Discerning! What is “discerning”?

Discerning is a part of the growth of a seed; the seed of your Spirit, planted by God. Discerning is a tool you have been given, as Spirit, to use in the course of your life. But, it is difficult to find a discerning attitude, if we have not wisdom; to be wise in what we do.

To be wise is to set aside assumption. To be wise is to set aside opinion; or to understand that opinion is an aspect of conversation, not a belief system. Opinions are, very specifically, not beliefs — or are they?

With discernment, we can look at what we believe, what we assume, and we can look at our opinions. Discerning means to look at more carefully; to be honest. Discerning means to put things together. Discerning means when a spirit speaks, listen; but, then, to know in your heart, because you think it out. What is that message telling you? Is it telling you how good you are; how wonderful you are? We say you are wonderful. Do you believe it?

If a spirit comes and tells you that you can do all things in the world, and praises you, through discernment, through wisdom, through knowledge, through understanding, putting together; does it inspire you to move? Do you believe it? In some cases, it is not wise to accept it. In other cases, it is. Which one do you accept? That is the process of discernment.

To discern what is best for you — not only by your own opinion, but to seek the guidance of the Lord; to seek knowledge and understanding. Knowledge does not mean that we know all things. Knowledge is the process of the expansion and the evolution of the soul, of your Spirit. And when you come into a physical world, you come in as a Spirit. You come, as a Spirit, into a species, a physical species. Are you solely of the physical world? Are you solely Homo Sapiens? No!

But to learn of your world, to seek its wisdom, its knowledge, and its understanding is to help you to build a bridge of joy and guidance. And though you will discern these things, you will discover more about your Spirit, not you; about your journey; about the message of your life. You would not fall victim to those who would deceive you. You would not fall victim to those who would tell you — when you ask which way to go on the road — who would take delight in telling you the wrong way. You would not be deceived by your own heart, your own mind, your own thoughts.

We become more into the process and the function of wholeness, when we can discern.

Do we see hope in the world, or do we not believe it’s there? Are we seeking a promise, but we don’t know what the promise is? Are we seeking faith and hope, in a world that may well see faith and hope as a commodity? Can we really, truly discover? Can we truly find? Is there, truly, a door upon which we can knock; the door that we are told will answer?

If we can find wisdom, we will find hope. If we can find knowledge, we will be able to know fully to find the road and what that road entails, so that we will know what road we have taken. And while we may not know its ultimate destination, we do know that its destination is to hope, to faith, to life, to love; where we can work well with each other, because we understand the process of life. Because we have gained sufficient wisdom to know that there is more around us than for us to, perhaps, assume that we are all there is in our world.

We cannot seek knowledge; we cannot seek wisdom; we cannot seek understanding, if we cannot go beyond ourselves.

So, through discernment, we are able to look, not only at the things around us, not only at the things that others may do or say, but we may also look within ourselves, and, in that, wisdom leads us to understanding. When we discern, we find out what we believe. We find out pretty much where we might be. But, we are always willing to understand that we don’t have the whole picture, when we are in body, and not always when we are in the Spirit.

We need, then, to reach to God and ask God to guide us. Scriptures tell us of great and wondrous things which have occurred through the result of wisdom and the exercising of wisdom in the hearts and the minds of many people, of many spirits. We are told about justice and hope and faith and knowledge. We hear about discovery, the joy, the wonder, and mystery. We hear about touching and finding the awe that is around us and within us.

These lie in the Scriptures. These can give great meaning to your life. These will help you to see the journey and the search of others who tried to discern and discovered the most amazing things. It will, also, present to you those who did not discern and the plight with which they had to bear.

The Scripture is not an ancient thing, long gone by, which has little to say to the modern world.

Remember, my friends, when these oral traditions were started; when they became written; when they became canonized, each one of those steps, over many years, saw itself as a modern world. When the prophets spoke, it was a New Dispensation; it was a new world. And the calling in that world was: seek wisdom, understanding; have faith; be discerning.

And some believed, as Abraham believed, and brought that message to the whole world. And others simply argued and complained. Whenever something of wisdom popped up, they were angry about it, because it showed that they didn’t seek wisdom. Not that they were accused, but that they knew. Each time is a new world. Each generation, to itself, is a new world. Each span of time, in its own place, is a new world. When you, as a species, walked this earth, millions of years ago, Spirit in body, it was a new world.

And the question is: if we can find wisdom and hope, understanding, knowledge, and discernment, how many new worlds do we have to participate in before we realize that this new world is dependent on the others, and the new world to come is dependent on this one?

In our own lives, and in the lives of all the people around you, be discerning. It is important to you, as a Spirit. It will guide you wisely. Be discerning in all the things that you do, and you will not mislead yourself. But, you will find and you will discover.

Don’t be wise in your own estimation. Remember: being wise in our own estimation, wisdom will flee us. Having great knowledge, in our own estimation makes us arrogant and causes us to lose sight of its purpose. And we may very easily misunderstand and misinterpret information for knowledge.

Information can be dealt with in oh, so many ways. Knowledge brings wisdom. And while it may not be perfect, in all of itself, it brings forth the fruit. And the fruit we can judge. When we eat that fruit, is it sweet, is it bitter? Do you complain if it’s bitter? You may like bitter and, so, you complain if it’s sweet.

If the fruit does not taste right and it does not look right; and if the fruit says you are wise, says you are filled with knowledge, and tells you that you are filled with understand, and tells you that your Spirit knows all things, then a discerning person will look, will listen, and understand that the fruit was misleading. That is not to say that we are not wise and do not have knowledge and understanding.

It is how we, then, perceive it and discern it.

Today, in your prayers and in your healing, think about this in the course of your life. Ask God to help you and to guide you. And if you seem or feel confused about what wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discerning are really all about and what they really mean to you, ask God to touch you, to guide you — not as a meditation in this moment, but for you to carry the remembrance of the need to seek this out into your life. And the minute you feel, “Oh, I’ve done it!” it has fled you. But when it comes to you and you feel of it and it gives you the need to reach yet further, you have found it. Or you have found the road.

Be discerning and you will find healing. Be discerning and you will understand what you need for healing; how you need to face those things that will bring to you a greater form of healing: how you can reach out, then, to help others who are in need.

When you find wisdom, you will find comfort. When you find knowledge, you will diminish fear. When you find understanding, you will diminish the panic to try to grab on to everything that you can at this particular moment, as if falling down a cliff, grabbing for a branch to ease or stop your fall.

With God — with these great elements or tools which God has given you, as Spirit, to use in your daily life; tools that you will never carve stone with; tools that you will never build pyramids with; tools that you will never farm with in the deserts — but tools that will be with you all the course of your life, in all eternity, because they are a part of you.

And, if nothing else is remembered at all, remember that you have these tools: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, discernment, hope, faith, love. Understand that you have these things and you will remember that the one thing you have to do: seek them and be discerning in the process.

Don’t worry about energies and which way they go and don’t go. Do not try to be all things or to experience all things, or you will have missed the experience of yourselves: the product of all that has been, the promise of the moment, and the gift of the future.

God has blessed you. God has blessed you with wondrous tools, which will never dull, never break. They may be misplaced, but you can never lose them. Seek and you will find. And be discerning in what you find, and you will find the guidance of the Lord deeply in your lives.


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