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How do you Know your Guides Hear you?

Over the many years that I have being doing my spiritual work, I have always found that when people first start off wanting to learn to connect with their guides, they’re always very enthusiastic and they look for signs all the time.  Sometimes they get the signs they’re looking for, sometimes they don’t and this can be a little disappointing, when you have a certain expectation that doesn’t get fulfilled.  Does this mean that your guides haven’t heard you?

Firstly, let me say that your guides are always with you and hear everything that you say.  They also never make any judgement calls themselves ie they don’t decide what’s good for you and what isn’t and so they don’t randomly choose to answer every request that you give them.  What I’m saying here is that your life’s journey isn’t up to them.  They cannot make decisions on your behalf and whilst I say that, they will always be at your side, gently guiding you along and trying their best to steer you in the direction that you soul has chosen to go in, without overly influencing any decisions that you make. So it’s up to us to navigate our lives being fully in control, knowing that they will always have our back.

Whilst I say that they don’t intervene there have been many instances that I am aware of, where the guides have taken control of a certain situation.  And mostly this would be in a situation where one’s life would be in danger and it requires that the guides insert huge energy into that particular situation.  But remember that although this happens, there are times when we may require to experience an event where we do face danger in order for us to learn how to handle it ourselves and at that time, our guides would be quietly in the background exerting only enough energy to keep control from a distance.

So having said all that, how do we know that they hear us?  When I was really ill and in hospital for so long in 2017, I have to say that I reached a point where I didn’t think that my guides had any control over what was happening to me.  In fact, I truly believed that they had deserted me and that I was left on my own to handle everything by myself.  When I was a little stronger and I was able to look back to what I had been through, I realized that they never left me at all.  It was just that I had to go through what I did, and I had to kind of stand up for myself, take control of my life, and make the decisions that I needed to, in order to get me to the other side of that really terrible four month experience.

So, how do we know that they hear us?  For me, and I think this is the case for many other people too, I think of my guides as my friends.  And so sometimes I send my friends a message of whatsapp or email, and they don’t respond right away.  But when they’re ready they do.  This doesn’t mean that they’ve deserted me – it just means that they were busy at the time and couldn’t respond.  That’s not to say that your guides are too busy for you but there are particular situations that we find ourselves going through, where we have shared guides and we need to be patient and know that they do help other people and we kind of have to wait our turn.  When it comes to our main guide, you just have to know that they will always hears you.  If you want to test them, ask them for a particular sign and then look out for that sign.  I know of many people who have asked for a very specific sign, like ‘send me a blue feather’ and within a short time, they have found that blue feather next to their bed, or on the front porch or next to their car.  And I must say, I think our guides like it when we challenge them!  I have been going through quite a dry period with regard to my readings.  I sat the other day and spoke to my guides asking them why is it so difficult for them to send me readings – all I ask is one a day lol!  Over the last 2 days, I have had so many enquiries for readings, I need more than my two hands to count them on!  I think that sometimes they leave things for a while, so that we don’t become complacent and just rely on them to facilitate our lives for us.  They leave us to kind of catch a wake up call and realise that we have to take the bull by the horns so to speak, in order to get what we want, instead of just waiting for them to land things in our laps.  We do definitely become lazy from time to time!

We have to have more faith in our guides.  We have to believe beyond a shadow of doubt that they hear everything that we say and they see everything that we do.  And they will be there to help us along our journey.  But don’t ever take them for granted.  Ask for what you need, be very specific and don’t beat around the bush.  Clear concise communication is key in any relationship whether it be with your loved ones here on the earth, or with spirit.  And then work together to bring about that which you want in your life.  Slowly you’ll begin to see how much they hear you and how much they answer your prayers and requests to them and you’ll know that they do so much more for us than we ever imagine.

I’d love to hear from you where you’ve experienced proof from your guides that they have heard what you have said.  You can pop me an email glynis@spiritconneciton.co.za or whatsapp me on 082 570 6473

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