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Hearing from our Loved Ones

I did a reading today for a lovely lady who was really desperate to hear from someone in particular.  It seemed that as the reading went along, as I was connecting to the guides and one of her loved ones in spirit, that she was finding it more and more difficult to listen to the message as it was being brought through.

We eventually did connect to the loved one that she wanted to hear from and from there the whole reading made sense in terms of why she was first getting information from the guides and that one particular loved one in spirit.

As a medium and having done so many readings, because I know that the reading will flow exactly as it should, I never question or doubt that exactly who we should be hearing from, will and does come through.  But today kind of brought back to me, that there is a definite expectation when someone comes for a reading and that the client could be so fixated on who they want to hear from, that they miss out on the full impact of the messages coming through.

However, having said that, I am strongly of the opinion that clear communication between the medium and the client is vital to a good reading.  There were days when we as mediums, used to ask clients to not tell us too much, as there was so much emphasis being placed on proving that communication with our loved ones in spirit was real.  I started doing readings in about 2000 and can certainly say that the whole way in which readings are done, especially mine, has evolved so much.  I can only speak for myself, but I truly believe that ‘disclosing’ to the medium what you want to get out of the reading, doesn’t have a negative impact on the reading and any medium worth their salt, will not be able to bluff their way through an entire hour or even longer.

I completely understand that there have always been and will probably always be, people who purport to be clairvoyant mediums and actually aren’t, or those who claim that they do readings when in fact they’re just telling you what the cards laid out in front of them mean – not putting down card readers as there are some really good ones out there, just using as an example.

So my advice to anyone seeking out a medium for a reading, is to do research on that person before you book time with them.  See what other people have to say about their experiences with that medium and decide based on that rather than just finding a name on the internet somewhere and paying over hard-earned money for their time.  It could be that you don’t get what you’re looking for.

Remember too that different mediums work in different ways.  So once again from my perspective, when a client comes to see me, I always first connect to my guide who facilitates the entire session.  We generally first look at the wellbeing of the person who comes to see us, so seeing where they are and what their challenges are and from there, the reading flows in terms of who comes through.  So my messages from loved ones are usually to help and inspire the person coming to see me, in terms of what they are battling with or finding particularly challenging at that time.  Naturally there are very emotional messages that come through as well – this is an opportunity for our loved ones to connect to us on a very emotional level – but what I’m saying is that the messages are expanded so to say, to include helping the client with things in their life that they would have sought the loved ones’ advice for anyway, if they were still on the earth.

The object of this article is to encourage those who seek out the services of a medium, to trust that the messages that come through will be exactly what you need at that particular stage of your life.  You will hear from the loved ones that you want to hear from and it is okay to tell the medium that you want to hear from your mother or your father etc.  While I know that we can’t just ‘call’ someone in spirit, our loved ones know that we’re going for a reading and they will show up if that’s what we want and that’s the point I’m trying to make.  They spend time with us whether or not we’re aware of it and they know what’s going on in our lives and so why would they not know that we’re going for a reading and want to hear from them.

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