What is Karma and why is it a part of our soul journey?  Our general basic understanding of karma is that it is a punishment, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, playing out in our lives.  We see it as something that happens ‘to’ us.  And when we see someone having a difficult time and that person has wronged us in the past, we take pleasure in feeling that ‘karma’ is getting it’s own back.  We see karma as a living moving sword-yielding entity that is necessary in the lives of our ‘enemies’ and it’s a good thing to have on our side.

However, for me, this is just a socially accepted way of translating karma.  Karma means action, work or deed, originating from India.  It also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).  If we see it this way and truly understand the meaning of karma, then we begin to get that we generate our karma through the journey of our soul.

Let me try to explain it better.  When we set out to live out a particular lifetime, we make our decision to come to the earth and through consultation with the Lords of Karma, our Spiritual Helpers, the Angels, our Guides and our Soul Group, we agree on certain experiences that will facilitate certain lessons for our soul as well as those in our soul group.  Whilst we live out our life on the earth, we go through these various experiences that may or may not assist in us overcoming and fully completing these lessons.  When we don’t overcome or fully complete our lessons, we are unable to assist those with whom we made a pact, to fully overcome and complete their lessons.  Of course, this is not always as cut as dried as I make it sound, but I hope you understand what I mean.  Through us not completing or overcoming the lesson, we create a build up of incomplete lessons or experiences, which we carry over into our future lifetimes to continue with.  For me this is karma.  It is not because I wronged you, that something will happen to me to teach me a lesson and it’s if you wronged me that something will happen to you to teach you a lesson.

So we move through our various lifetimes with various Soul Groups, each time trying to achieve what we set out to do so that we are constantly working to help each other as souls, to go through every life experience that we need to in order to grow our souls to perfection.  In understanding this, it’s easy to see that there is no such thing as punishment for something that we did in a particular lifetime, no matter how heinous the action – we just come back into a lifetime and try again and with each lifetime, we are able to set ourselves up better in order to ‘get it’.  Because, in order for us to become perfect souls, we have to go through every human experience that there is.  And this is so, because if we don’t, we aren’t able to understand what a particular life experience is like, and when we don’t have first-hand experience, then we’re not able to help each other completely.

Imagine if you were to decide that you want to work with drug addicts to help them overcome their addiction.  But, you’ve never experienced drugs and have no frame of reference in terms of how they make you feel etc.  I have no doubt that when your intent is good, you will be able to help these people.  However, if you were a rehabilitated drug addict, you would be much more able to relate to them and understand where they’re coming from, understand what makes them do what they do and fully get how difficult it is to kick the habit.  And so it is with anything in life.  If you have experienced a particular difficulty or even a really great event, you can much more easily relate to others when they are going through the same.

Then the question of knowing what your past lives are, arises.  And once again, for me, it’s important that you get in touch with your past self.  Do some exploration as to what you were in previous existences and what you have already learned along the way.  Understand that you are a work in progress and so is everyone else.  Trust that your soul is way wiser than you give yourself credit for.  And when you do, you automatically feel stronger, you feel way more capable as a human being, knowing that there is already so much that you have learned and overcome and that you don’t come into this lifetime starting from square one.  Square one was visited eons ago and you have the scars on your soul to prove it!

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