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How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Connecting with our guides is one of the easiest things that you can do. “How” I hear you say. Through meditation, that is the only way.

And whilst I hear you say that you can’t meditate, you can’t get your mind to shut down long enough etc etc, let me say that’s not the case. We need to remember that our minds are always firing off thoughts and there is no way to stop that. It’s physically impossible. What we need to focus on is rising above the thoughts that go around and around and seeking that still space within our minds that allows us to relax and focus on our higher self, the universal consciousness and all that is.

I ask you to please watch the following video which is a step by step guide to how you can meditate in the privacy of your own home. Meditating for only five minutes every day is all that it takes. You will soon find that you’re sitting for longer than five minutes without even consciously deciding to do so.

Watch this interesting video Spirit Connection Video

These are the steps :

We connect with our guides through meditation. They are always with us and very eager to communicate with us
This makes connecting with them so easy!

1. Find a quiet space to sit where you will not be disturbed

2. Switch your phone off or leave it in another room and place it on silent

3. Focus on your breathing and breath deeply in through your nose, right down into the bottom of your lungs. Hold it there for as long as feels comfortable. Then exhale slowly through the mouth

4. Do this until you can feel the rhythm of your breathing pulsating through your body

5. Put all your worldly thoughts out of your mind – just allow any thoughts to come and go without paying them too much attention

6. See yourself within your minds eye, in a quiet and comfortable space and where you feel safe and open yourself to whatever it is that the guides would like to tell you

7. Cover yourself with white light to ensure that you are totally protected

8. Just allow the whole process to flow as it should. Remember that whatever happens is not your imagination

9. Keep yourself in that state for as long as feels comfortable for you. It may be 5 minutes it may be 10. As you get more practise, you will be able to sit for longer periods

10. When you bring yourself back, write down what you received. Initially it may feel very garbled, but as you continue to write everything down, you should see a pattern emerging or a message coming through

Remember your guides will never let you down – they will always make themselves available to connect with you. It’s as easy as that!

If you’d like to be introduced to your Spirit Guide, watch this video Spirit Connection Video

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