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Create a Unified Awareness

Composed of our earliest childhood feelings and memories, our basic internal references were formed in response to the stresses of our environment. These basic references were mainly non-logical and primitive due to the survival nature exercised in their development. Once these basic internal references formed, they became the filters through which all our experiences would have to pass. This may explain why some of us repeatedly choose the same kinds of behaviours that cause us to relive our lives through a series of recycled actions and reactions. It can also explain why so many of us fail to learn from the mistakes we have made in the past. We need to do something to break this limiting cycle. We need to start a process that requires us to think about or even relive the traumatic life-saving responses we built, in order to redefine our lives and fully experience reality. Once we do this, we become conscious of the truth of our experiences, which in turn enables us to focus on what lies beyond any repeat patterns. It is the truth of our past that will enable us to move forward on our inner journey, for this truth tells us who we are, the direction we are going, what we are doing and why we are the way we are in the present. It also allows us to become more open, allowing us to see the best in other people rather than just trying to manipulate or control other people. When you let go of control, only the truth remains.

Spirit are working with each one of us, on a much more intense level, to assist in the creation of a unified awareness and stirring in each one of us a desire to open ourselves to the oneness of the universal consciousness. In so doing we will find ourselves being united with our most deepest yearning to feel complete and become whole.

To become whole we only need to stop pretending to be whole. We are the vast space of awareness itself, beyond any physical pattern or expectation. Our purpose in life should be to make choices that advance our whole being to its maximum potential. The secret of life is being able to follow our heart and allow our mind to be open long enough to realise that even everyday ordinary experiences, can be incredible gifts. When awareness is focused in the present moment we experience everything in a living, vibrating reality unfiltered by concepts or past preferences. We meet everything without a preconceived image diminished by its imitation of reality. There is only this moment to acknowledge and this instant to live. There is nothing to judge and everything to notice and yet our reaction to life limits our openness to what life comes next. As fear surfaces, we turn away. As doubt surfaces, we turn away. As anger surfaces, we turn away. As reality arises, we turn away. If only we would acknowledge the things that make us turn away, and allow ourselves to soften them with the illumination of understanding the truth that defines our original identity in the present.

There is something in our subconscious that intuitively knows that the objective definition we have of ourselves, does not embrace the totality of who we actually are as human beings. As we begin to understand and accept who we are, we start to understand that our eyes can see no part of our true essence. All that is seen by our eyes is our existence reduced to physical form. The real us is part of the metaphysical world. In understanding our humanity, and in accordance with the human way of thinking, and in consequence with human principles, we are more than a system of floating ideas or causalities of conscious beliefs and fears. Collectively we have grown in knowledge and wisdom enough to understand that there is something else behind the veil of consciousness that reflects the truth about our real identity.

There is something which points to exquisite and delicately balanced interactions between all living things. It joins space and time, matter and energy, the physical and the non-physical. It is so fundamental that we can actually sense its presence and feel its beauty. It has a unifying symmetry that is at times hidden from us and yet we know it is inherent within the sublime beauty of nature. It is at the centre of our existence and at the same time, is the centre of all existence. It can create worlds within worlds or reflect the underlying structure of the universe. It can let us contemplate pure space-time without matter or energy or perceive the inspiration of creation itself. It can let us know the universe as a single vibration or as a symphony of sounds. It can weave together a tapestry of extraordinary beauty and elegance or provide concise and beautiful answers to our most challenging questions. It is sophisticated, simple, practical and profound. Understanding any part of it leads us to an enlarged comprehension of its wholeness.

May the Christ Light shine down on each one of you as we progress together. May we become united in our thoughts and deeds and may the bonds that have been formed grow stronger each day.

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