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I just witnessed the most deplorable behaviour in my local supermarket.  A customer being served at the till was outraged because the teller and the lady packing her groceries, had the cheek to talk to each other instead of focusing 100% of their attention on her oh so important self!

What boggles the mind was that she felt that her behaviour in terms of berating these two ladies, was completely acceptable.  She totally failed to see that the way she was treating them was in direct contradiction to what she had felt was so offensive from them.

People, it takes so much energy to act out in anger.  It’s so much easier to smile and be nice.  And interestingly how we act towards a person is directly associated with how they are going to act towards us.  But of course, these two ladies, who remained calm and polite, weren’t able to react to her in any negative way.  They told me later that the customer is always right.  Whether what the customer wants is right or not, does not give them permission to treat the employees badly. 

There is no theory under which because someone is in service to us, we can treat them and speak to them any which way we want to.  We have to be mindful of our actions and reactions all the time.  Wanting to be treated in a positive and loving light, means that we have to treat others in a positive and loving light.  I have no doubt that this nasty person has run-ins with people all the time, and am absolutely sure that she believes that the whole world is out to get her.  

In most instances where people act in a negative light and act out on others, there’s a problem with them.  It’s more often than not a mindset of get them before they get me.  And of course, this attitude stems from being treated badly in the past.  And so it’s so true, that people who are bullied become bullies.  People who are physically abused, or mentally abused, become physical or mental abusers.  Unless of course, they are able to see that this is a problem for them and they make a conscious decision to change their own behaviour.

We have to remember that we are responsible for our actions and when we choose the behaviour then we choose the consequences of the behaviour as well.  And with that in mind, surely we would want the consequences of our behaviour to be positive, therefore treating people positively will result in them treating us positively as well.

It’s not rocket science!  It’s simple logical thinking.  Even the 10 commandments tells us do unto others as we would have them do unto us. 

People, be the change that you want to see in the world is all I’m saying.  Do yourself a favour and take a week to do your own experiment.  Every time you go out, greet the people with whom you come into contact.  Say hello and how are you?  And wait for their response.  If it’s not possible to talk to them, make eye contact and smile.  You will find that it’s not possible for them to not smile back.  Some people may think you’re a little crazy for trying to engage them in conversation, but most times, that’s not the case.  We all like to see a friendly face and have a friendly encounter with another human being.  It’s in our nature to connect with each other.  Why not make that connection a beautiful memorable moment?

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