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The internet is full of inspirational messages, each one created by someone who felt the need to share their thoughts.  There are times when it can become a bit tedious to see message after message in your newsfeed, all about how you can make your life better and how you should be behaving and how people should be accepting you for who you are etc etc.  However, I do think that they have their place and that just every now and then, you come across a message that is pertinent to you and exactly what you need for that particular day or time in your life.

I found this today – 12 things to always remember:

  1. The past can’t be changed
  2. Opinions don’t define your reality
  3. Everyone’s journey is different
  4. Judgements are not about you
  5. Overthinking will lead to sadness
  6. Happiness is found within
  7. Your thoughts affect your mood
  8. Smiles are contagious
  9. Kindness is free
  10. It’s okay to let go and move on
  11. What goes round, comes round
  12. Things always get better with time

There’s definitely merit in these 12 things.  So, yes the past cannot be changed, but we certainly can change how we feel about the past.  We can change whether or not we choose to carry the past with us or whether we decide to let it go and allow that which is in the past to remain there.

Opinions most certainly do not define your reality, unless of course, you allow it to.  So we need to be aware of what we give our power to and how we place weight on the opinion of other people.  This is not to say that we must just completely disregard someone’s opinion, however, particularly if it’s about us as a person, then what?  Perhaps we give it some thought, allow it to marinade a little and then decide how much that opinion counts and if there’s any truth to that opinion and if we can or want to do anything to change it.

Everyone’s journey is different and yet we’re all so much the same.  We are all experiencing the same things at various periods of time in our lifetime.  We all want similar things, we all hurt the same, we all feel joy the same and in essence, the lessons that we come to learn, are all the same.  With this mind, we should therefore we more cognizant of others and how they feel whilst at the same time understanding that the only thing that separates us is the lifetime that we have chosen to experience.

Judgements are not about you.  We tend to make everything personal (well a lot of us do).  We get easily hurt and once again this is as a result of the amount of weight that we place on the opinion of someone else.  When someone judges us, it’s usually something about themselves that they see mirrored in us, that they don’t like but won’t acknowledge about themselves.  I think that being aware of what it is that has been brought to the fore, could be beneficial to us, but again, don’t take it as a personal slur.

Overthinking will lead to sadness.  How true is this?  Overthinking anything can never be a good thing.  We need to be consciously aware of the conversations that go on inside our heads and how much we allow those conversations to play out in our life.  Learn to let go and let things be.  We will find that this leads to more happiness than we could ever imagine.

Happiness is found within is something that we all know yet we still fail to find it.  Wow, imagine if you walked around with a great big wad of money under one of your arms that you didn’t know about and your life was one big struggle to make enough money to look after yourself comfortably.  How would you feel if you eventually found that wad of money?  It’s the same with happiness, imagine how you will feel when you find that it has been residing within you all this time.

Your thoughts affect your mood.  So very true!  Once again referring to the conversations that we have with ourselves.  Choose to think happy thoughts, choose to be in a good mood and you’ll find it’s really easy to do.

Smiles are contagious – this one I love.  Sharing a smile with someone just makes their day.  It’s something that I try to do every time I go somewhere.  If you look at someone long enough, they will make eye contact with you and when they do, give them a smile.  OK so don’t make it creepy, but you know what I mean 😊

Kindness is free.  We all know this and it’s something that has been taught to us since we were young.  One small act of kindness can make another person’s day and of course there’s always the knock on effect in terms of how you feel about yourself.

It is okay to let go and move one.  Holding onto things that don’t benefit us or people who no longer benefit us is just detrimental to ours and their wellbeing.  That doesn’t mean that we just use each other.  But we are all contracted to each other for perhaps only certain periods of time, and it’s better in the long run to just let go.  Allow your life to move forward as it should and know that everything will always work out exactly as it should.

What goes round, comes round – I’m not going to say too much about this, but we do know that one good deed deserves another, meaning that what we put out is what we will get back.  No need to say more.

Things always get better with time.  We’ve all heard the saying, time heals all wounds.  Being aware of this can already help with any healing process.  But know that time doesn’t make things right, time doesn’t take away grieving and time doesn’t stop you from loving or feeling hurt.  However, what time does do is it allows you the opportunity to regroup, to gather your thoughts and feelings and to make a decision as to what to do to do move forward.  And then eventually, yes, things will get better – with time.

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