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What if March is a Time of Harvest?

“If you don’t like the fruits you are growing, then change the seeds that you are sowing.”

Are you aware of what your harvest is this Autumn?

As we move into Autumn in the Southern hemisphere, we understand that this is a time of harvest: of gathering crops, of receiving the benefits of what we planted in Spring and Summer.

Using this analogy, looking back at September last year, what seeds did you plant? Because Spring is about new life, new beginnings, new energy, we tend to start projects or dreams and take action because we are normally highly motivated after the long cold winter. So what did you plant? How have you nurtured and nourished those seeds? Have you re-looked and re-looked them? Have you doubted that they can come into manifestation? What have you believed about them? What have your feeling and emotions been around those ideas, concepts and dreams?

Over the Summer months, what have you seen becoming manifest? What have you continued to action/feel/think about harvesting what you have sown?

Is your “crop” ready?

Are you ready to harvest that which you have nurtured throughout the Spring and Summer?

What is the yield you are expecting? What happens if it is not exactly as you expected? Do you have a Plan B and a way to use it?

What action is now required to reap what you have grown?

Are you ready to take those actions? Are you wholly committed to harvesting those seeds? If anything is stopping you, what will it take to shift that blockage?

Knowing that it often takes courage to see the growth cycle (from seed to harvest) through, have you prepared yourself – and those around you? What one action do you need to take today (and this could be as simple as having the courage to make a phone call or practicing a different belief) in order to be ready, to harvest, to enjoy the benefits of your efforts?

Supporting you through change

We often ask for something and then, when it arrives, we are afraid of the outcome. We needn’t know why we are afraid: we can simply start practicing something other than fear. For example, excitement that you have had the courage to start something new, the motivation to see it become a success, the joy of creation, the love of living your purpose. See, there are so many OTHER emotions to choose from that can support you through change.

Throughout my journey, the body has fascinated me: be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. I have been curious as to why it behaves the way it does on all those levels and whether, if at all, they are all connected. And I came up with a resounding “YES!” Using all the Body knowledge I studied, and learned and pieced together, through a multitude of teachers and modalities, enables me to understand how the body works, how it is in continuous conversation with you – if you’ll just pause and listen.

All Key Academy emerged to create a safe, secure and protected environment in which to learn, empower and transform. This is where you can learn a variety of methods to communicate with your body, through modalities such as, Chakra Balancing Massage, Mindfulness Meditation, Multi-Dimensional Meditation, Business, Life and Self-development coaching (“In The Flow” and “Money Matters” coaching programs), Life Mapping, De-chording and Access Bars. I am also a qualified life and business coach.

Using tips and tricks from the above modalities, I facilitate business coaching as a consultant, opening up business owners to possibility and self-realization that if they themselves don’t change, their business cannot change. An eye opener of note!

My point of view is that your Self Relationship is the most important relationship for you to know in the support of you in your journey.

Once you understand and are aware of your Identity – your auto-responses – you are able to SHIFT them if you want to.

All my work as a Transformation Educator is to support you in your understanding of your own Self Relationship as you travel on your journey to emerge into all of you. This is my Soul Purpose.

I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you in ways that you feel resonate with you.

How can I support you today? Michele Mollentz, All Keys Academy

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